27 Best Group Costume Ideas

Whether you're into classic characters or all about trendy shows, your squad will slay Halloween night in any of these group costume ideas. Get inspired by our take on superheroes, Tiger King, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and lots more! Perfect for coworkers or groups of friends and families, you’ll impress and amuse everyone in these funny group Halloween costume ideas. We've rounded up 23 group Halloween ideas you and your crew can wear together during your Halloween festivities. Be sure to show off your outlandish outfits and take tons of terrifying selfies - then tag 'em all with #PartyCity. You can also shop all group costumes for more ideas! 

Women and girls dressed as Wonder Woman and Supergirl

1. Supersheroes

Supersheroes unite for an epic collaboration as Wonder Woman and Supergirl! Perfect for mothers and daughters or best gal pals, this group costume is a fun way to serve up some major girl power. Create the ultimate girl squad by dressing up as your favorite superheroes like Batgirl, Captain Marvel, or Spidergirl. Mamas will love matching with their minis and BFFs will look fierce as a dynamic duo.

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Two adults and a child wearing a Chucky costume

2. Chucky Dolls

Mischief and mayhem are bound to happen once you slip into these classic Halloween costumes. Gather your crew and let everyone know you’re friends 'til the end dressed up as evil Chucky dolls. Pull this group costume together with a red wig, creepy mask, fake blood, and gory accessories. With Chucky costumes for adults and children, the whole family can bring his sinister spirit to life.

People dressed as Batman villains

3. Batman Villains 

Batman stands no chance when his vilest villains join forces to destroy him! For even the casual Batman fans, this group costume is outrageously fun. Who wouldn't want to play a major Batman villain at a costume party? You'll have a blast cackling like the Joker or putting on an evil air of seduction like Poison Ivy. Batman villains have taken hold of pop culture more than any other superheroes' villains. Watch the giddy reactions when your group hits the party dressed as Batman's worst nightmare! Pictured here (from left to right) we see Riddler, Poison Ivy, Joker, Two-Face, and Penguin with Batman in a difficult position, to say the least. And there are more beloved Batman villains to choose from, like Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, and Bane.

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People dressed as healthy fats

4. Healthy Fats 

These fats workout! This group costume is not only adorable and funny, it's also a clever pun. Many of the healthy fat costumes pictured here are easy to DIY, which makes healthy fats the perfect choice for the creative group of friends who need a costume last minute but won't settle for anything less than punny.

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Man dressed as used car salesman

5. Used Car Salesman

This group costume is great for many reasons, but mostly because it's downright hilarious. Admittedly, this isn't the most practical costume for being at a Halloween event for hours because of the sheer size of the skydancer costumes. But in the right setting, this group costume is sure get lots of laughs and can always be shed once the display of costumes is over. Except for the dealer's outfit, this costume doesn't require much thought (I'd like to order five skydancer costumes please). And, it even lets the last minute tag-along or chronically unprepared friend join the costume fun as the sucker the dealer is swindling.

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People dressed in weather costumes

6. Natural Disasters

Storm into the party as awesome forces of nature on the path of destruction! There are many ways to create these DIY-heavy outfits, making this costume a stunning display of your group's creative talent. Ironically, in order to personify our planet's beautiful and destructive powers, you have to exercise your creative powers! Pictured left is hurricane, blizzard, lightning strike, jungle overgrowth, fire, and tornado, all looking far too friendly for the havoc they're about to wreak. Tidal wave, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and sandstorm are a few of the many other natural disasters to choose from.

People dressed in hipster bartender costumes

7. Hipster Bartenders

Have you or your friends ever had that bartender who turns their nose up at everything you order? Who grumbles to themselves if you don't have a preference of whiskey for your old fashioned? Well, why not use your group's Halloween costume to get a little dig those bartenders who mocked your drink choices. All it takes is fake beards, ratty flannels, and plenty of hair product to transform into the obnoxious hipster bartender of your worst night out.

People dressed in Gatsby inspired costumes

8. Gatsby Party Goers

It'll be a kaleidoscopic carnival of dilettante debauchery when your Gatsby gang hits the Halloween scene! After one hundred years, it's the 20s again, so why not Gatsbify this Halloween by dressing up with the gang as flashy flappers and dapper dandies. There has been an explosion in 20s-style costumes in preparation for the 2020s, so you have plenty to choose from in selecting your perfect Gatsby party ensemble.

People dressed as Snow White and seven dwarfs

9. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Show everyone who's the fairest one of all as Snow White and her miner companions the Seven Dwarfs. As the group pictured here shows, you can put a creative spin on the group costume while still paying homage to the classic Disney characters. Instead of using traditional dwarf names, take a modern approach and choose names that describe the people in your group, like Hipster, Lazy, or Vegan.

Three women dressed as the Sanderson sisters

10. The Sanderson Sisters

Gather your girls and conjure up the spirit of Halloween as The Sanderson Sisters. Get into character with witch costumes that pay homage to the Disney classic, Hocus Pocus. Complete the look with wigs that match each sister's costume and witchy makeup that screams eerie. This group costume will have you casting spells and stirring up trouble on All Hallows Eve.

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Family wearing Harry Potter costumes.

11. Harry Potter Group Costume

Your family can bring the wondrous wizarding world of Harry Potter to life this Halloween by going as characters from this beloved fantasy series. With a diverse cast of incredible characters to choose from, even the biggest of families won't run out of Harry Potter costumes, as the picture here shows (there isn't even a Dumbledore or Snape in the bunch!). The kids (and likely you adults too) will have a Hagrid of a good time flying through the streets on Halloween night shouting Expelliarmus! and Expecto Patronum!, and just generally confusing the heck out of muggle trick-or-treaters.

Man dressed as Joe Exotic, Woman dressed as Carole Baskin, and a child dressed in a tiger costume

12. Tiger King Group Costume

This costume is for all the cool cats and kittens! Take on this pop culture phenomenon in a group costume that's as over-the-top as the series. Channel your inner Joe Exotic with a mullet wig, faux mustache, and a flamboyant shirt. Get Carole Baskin's look with a '60s-inspired outfit and a flower crown and anything cheetah print. Put a little one in a tiger or cheetah costume to bring the Tiger King costume together.

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T Rex Attack Group Costume Idea

13. Jurassic World Group Costume

Get ready to make a scene at the Halloween costume contest with this funny group costume idea. Have one person lead the chase in an inflatable T-Rex costume, and dress up the rest of your group as tourists in Hawaiian shirts and straw hats. Add extra accessories like bags and cameras, or get crafty and DIY park maps from Jurassic World!

Bobs Burgers Group Costume Idea

14. Bob's Burgers Group Costume

Let everybody know who has the best burgers in town! Coordinating a group Bob's Burgers costume will be as wacky as the Belcher family themselves. With an adhesive moustache and white apron you'll be ready to run a burger restaurant that will blow Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria out of the water. The eccentric friend of the group can put on the burger suit and bring Gene's unique charm to the costume party. Butt wait, you can't get the party started without Tina's rocking dance moves! Have a friend throw on the Tina wig and dress and watch them shake the night away! To add an extra creative touch, carry around spatulas and prop burgers.

Minions Group Costume Idea

15. Minions 

Kanpai! Gather your friends this Halloween to dress up as Gru's trusty little yellow sidekicks! Create your Minion ensemble with a yellow shirt, blue suspenders, a blue tutu or blue shorts, black gloves, yellow socks, and a pair of goggles. With the help of adorably pint-sized dog costumes, everybody can dress up as Bob, Dave and the rest of the bunch. The more Minions the merrier! Complete your Despicable Me group costume by carrying around some bananas!

The Working Dead Group Costume Idea

16. Gory Zombies 

The office seems a bit dead today...You and your co-workers can put together a gory group costume idea with various zombie costume accessories. Accessorize your everyday office attire with some adhesive wounds and gashes. If you want a deadly makeover, throw on one of the zombie masks and no one will recognize you! Use the zombie make up kit to add some details to your costume that will send shivers down your boss' spine. For added eerie effect, carry around some fake bloody ligaments to show that some people didn't make it through the work day!

TMNT Easy Group Costume Idea

17. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga dude! You and your friends can take down Oroku Saki this Halloween dressed as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Suit up in a green hooded jumpsuit with a printed shell and a TMNT logo belt. Whether it's Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, or Raphael, you can grab a face mask with the color corresponding to your favorite turtle. These action-packed costumes won't be complete without their signature weapons. Carry around a katana, bo staff, nunchucks, or sais and your turtle crew will be ready to take on any bad guys! Lastly, no Ninja Turtles costume is complete without pizza. Carry around a large inflatable pizza and no one will be topping your awesome group costume!

50s Group Costume Idea

18. '50s Group Costume

No squares or party poopers here! Don't be a wet rag, grab your gal and head to the dance floor in a '50s costume. Bold pink and black colors that define '50s fashion make perfect Halloween costumes. Men can dress like classic bad boys wearing leather jackets and greaser wigs — just try not to fight any jocks at the sock hop. The ladies can dress up like diner waitresses or show off their spunky attitudes with bright pink skirts and cute polka dot tops. When the jukebox plays some rock 'n roll, greasers and Pink Ladies should be ready to jump and jive!

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Idea 19. 1920s Group Costume

Grab your favorite flappers and switch the tunes to Jazz because if you like the 1920s like we do then we know this Halloween will be a roaring good time. We have your crew stocked and ready to dress and impress in their best with accessories, headpieces, flapper dresses and you can’t forget our gangster accessories!

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Idea 20. Clown Group Costume

Halloween is the perfect time to bring out your best clowns! Whether you choose to be a happy or scary clown - heads will surely turn. Combine classic pieces you already have in your closet with fun, clown like accessories and do not forget the face paint! Hold nothing back and clown on!

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Idea 21. Superheroes Group Costume

You don’t have to be a kid to idealize superheroes. Grab your sidekicks and choose your favorite characters to dress up as! We have superhero costumes that range in all shapes, sizes and colors - this trio is ready to take on the world!

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Idea 22. Beach Day

Even though we are big Halloween fans we are still clutching onto Summer. That is why we just love this last group costume idea! Dressing up with your favorite beach goers is as easy as grabbing your favorite pool floats and bathing suits. Don’t forget to have a life guard on duty because this year we are excited to dive right into some trick or treating!

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Group of young adults wearing Riverdale costumes

23. Riverdale Group Costume

Are you a Betty or a Veronica? The CW’s Riverdale has so many memorable characters that this theme easily lends itself to group costumes. Transform into your favorite characters with Riverdale costumes and accessories. Bring together a group of River Vixens by dressing as Betty, Cheryl and Veronica. Have more in your group? Add Archie, Jughead or Josie. 

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Become part of your favorite show:

Harry Potter Group Costume Idea

24. Quidditch Team Costume

Fill the Halloween party with magic when you and your friends pull off a Harry Potter group costume. Wizards and witches can put on their Gryffindor robes and hop on a broom for a round of Quidditch. To earn more points for your house, accessorize with ties and goggles. And for the ultimate win this Halloween, catch the Golden Snitch! One person in your squad can play the Golden Snitch with a shiny gold dress and white wings.

Catch the Golden Snitch:

Unicorn Group Costume Idea

25. Magical Unicorns

The legends are real! Enchant and amaze the party as you trot along! Dressing up as a herd of magical unicorns is easy — just wear colorful tutus, vibrant wigs and floral headbands. Top it all off with a golden unicorn horn and your group will look straight out of a fairy tale.

Bring unicorn magic to the party:

Masquerade Group Costume Idea

26. Masquerade Group Costume

Add an air of mystery to any outfit with masks and capes. Accessorize a pretty dress with a lace bat wing shrug and matching mask. If you prefer wearing white, a gold filigree mask will create intrigue. Channel your sinister side in a large black cloak, a silver phantom mask, and a top hat to blend into the shadows. If you want to add some spooky vibes to your masquerade costume, pop in a pair of vampire fangs and drip a little fake blood.

Dress to impress in a mysterious way:

Social Butterfly Group Costume Idea

27. Social (Media) Butterflies

OMG. These costumes are #adorable! Be on everybody's timeline this Halloween dressed up as a Social Butterfly! With a variety of colorful butterfly wings and matching tutus to choose from, you and your friends will be the life of the party. Pick the color that best suits you to accessorize the rest of your butterfly costume. Next, pick your favorite social media outlet and print out the logo. Tape the logo to your chest and get ready to snap a selfie! Coordinate this cute costume idea with a group of friends and watch the notifications fly in this Halloween!

You'll need wings and tutus: