Glamorous New Year's Eve Balloon Garland DIY

by Bianca Octavia

Most of us may be indoors this year for New Year’s Eve, but we can still bring the party home with a blinged out glamorous balloon garland! Grab some scissors, some champagne, and a few friends and try this fun balloon project out at home. You can thank me later for all of the super cute social media pics you’re about to take! :) 

Pink and silver balloons in packaging


  • Bright Pink Pearl Balloons 72ct, 12in
  • Silver Pearl Balloons 72ct, 12in
  • Silver Pearl Mini Balloons 50ct, 5in
  • Bright Pink Mini Balloons 50ct, 5in
  • Bright Pink Balloon 4ct, 24in
  • 13in Air-Filled Silver Number Balloons (2, 0, 2, 1)
  • Iridescent Pastel Star Balloon (2)
  • Silver Orbz Balloon, 16in (1)
  • Pink Orbz Balloon, 16in (1)
  • Disco Ball Balloon Orbz (1)
  • Bright Pink and Silver Fringe Doorway Curtain
  • Balloon Arch Decorating Strip 25ft (optional)
  • Electric Balloon Pump 
  • Handheld Balloon Pump 
  • Fishing Wire 
  • Clear Tape 
  • Command Hooks 


Before getting started, decide how many balloons you think you will need to complete this project. If you plan to make your balloon garland anywhere between 10ft-12ft long, I suggest following the balloon count in the provided supplies list. 

Pink and silver airfilled balloons

1. Use an electric pump to blow up all of the 12in balloons and a hand pump to blow up all of the 5in balloons. 

2. Begin clustering the balloons into groups of four by color and size. 

Silver, hot pink, and pink airfilled balloons

3. Assemble the base of your balloon garland by randomly tying the 12inch balloon clusters together until you have reached your desired garland length. After you have made the base, you can use fishing wire to tie on the 5 inch clusters in random/organic spots. 

  • If you are a beginner with making balloon garlands, it may be easier to use the 25ft balloon decorating strip. Just poke a balloon tail into each hole and done. Super easy!

Pink, silver, and hot pink airfilled balloon garland

4. Hang the balloon garland on a wide open wall using fishing wire and command hooks. Once it’s up, you can gently adjust the garland as needed in order to achieve the perfect curvature and shape.

5. Use an electric pump to blow up the 24 inch balloons. Once filled, tie fishing wire to the balloon tails and attach them randomly throughout the garland. 

Foil star-shaped airfilled balloon with pink and silver airfilled balloons

6. Use straws to inflate the iridescent pastel star balloons, silver and pink orbz balloons and the disco ball balloon orbz. Once filled, place them randomly throughout the garland using clear tape for attachment. 

  • These balloons will serve as your accents and pops of glam only. They are not the base of your garland so try not to over do it on the balloon count!

Silver airfilled balloons with bright pink and silver fringe doorway curtain

7. Cut the Bright Pink and Silver Fringe Doorway Curtain into multiple strips, then place them randomly throughout the garland using tape. 

Silver 2021 number airfilled balloons

8. Last but not least, use the provided straws to blow up the 13in air-filled silver number balloons. Once inflated, use fishing wire to string the numbers together and tape the hanging numbers to the front of your garland! 

Don’t forget to grab a Giant Confetti Cannon so you can take a cool Instagram boomerang in front of your glammed out garland at midnight. Happy New Year!

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