Gender Reveal Party - Upgrade a Store Bought Cake

by Jessica Hill

Planning a party requires planning and organization. There’s no shame in taking a little help from the store by purchasing pre-made cakes and cupcakes. With a few supplies from Party City, you can upgrade that store-bought cake into something completely one-of-a-kind!

Close Up of Cupcakes


  • Gold Plastic Table Cover
  • Caribbean Blue Rock Candy Sticks
  • Pink Rock Candy Sticks
  • Gold Rock Candy Sticks 
  • Caribbean Blue Chocolate Sixlets
  • Pink Chocolate Sixlets
  • Caribbean Blue Pearl Balloons 
  • Pink Pearl Balloons
  • Pastel & Gold Fringe Banners 
  • Ginger Ray Metallic Gold Oh Baby Lunch Napkins
  • Ginger Ray Metallic Oh Baby Party Picks
Close Up of Cupcake, No Frosting

When you buy the cakes and cupcakes from the store, choose the desserts that have the least amount of extra decorations. The plainer the cakes are, the less work you will have to do!

Use a knife or an offset spatula to carefully remove as much of the excess frosting decoration as you are able to. Clean the knife or spatula and lightly smooth down the remaining frosting. Carefully transfer the cake to a pretty cake stand.

Close Up of Rock Candy

Use a strong pair of scissors to carefully cut the wooden handles off of the rock candy sticks. Place the rock candy sticks all around the sides of the cake covering any imperfections in the frosting. Scatter the chocolate sixlets on the top of the cake as well.


Add one party pick to each of the store-bought cupcakes and place them on a cupcake stand. Save one cupcake to place on top of the cake to add height and interest.

Cupcakes and Cake

Now it’s time to highlight the desserts with some fun decorations! For this gender reveal party table, I used decorations and balloons in gold, Caribbean blue, and pink. Finish off the dessert table with plates and napkins that fit your party’s theme.