Frozen Snowflake Cookies How To

Make one-of-a-kind snowflake cookies

Make it snow at your Frozen-themed birthday party by serving delicious snowflake cookies. Cut perfectly shaped cookies each time using the snowflake comfort-grip cookie cutter. You can follow the same pattern or give each one a unique design, just like real snowflakes! Display your treats in a clear container filled with purple Sixlets® for everyone to enjoy.

Frozen Snowflake Cookies



  • Roll-Out Cookie Recipe (available on back of Snowflake Comfort-Grip Cutter)
  • Ready-To-Use White Decorator Icing
  • Violet Color Mist Food Color Spray
  • Blue Color Mist Food Color Spray
  • Frozen Icing Decorations (snowflake used)


  • Rolling pin
  • Snowflake Comfort-Grip Cutter
  • Cookie sheet
  • Cooling grid
  • 9 in. Angled Spatula
  • Food-safe scissors
  • 12 in. Disposable Decorating Bags
  • Tip Set (Tip #3 used)

1) Make cookies

Prepare dough and roll out following recipe directions. Use snowflake cutter to cut shapes. Bake and cool cookies.

2) Decorate cookies

Use spatula and white decorator icing to ice cookies. Use violet and blue food color spray to lightly spray icing. Attach icing decorations to center of cookies. Use tip #3, a cut disposable decorating bag and white icing to pipe lines from center of cookies outward.

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