Happy Father's Day Food & Drink Ideas

by Jeannette Kaplun

Want to celebrate your family’s grill master for Father’s Day? Here’s how to put together a fun and delicious refreshment table that Dad will love. Simply customize with his favorite beverages and treats! Looking for more ideas? Find all party supplies for Dad's dad

Table with drinks and fruit decorated for Father's Day


  • Big Party Pack CLEAR Plastic Martini Glasses 20ct 
  • Grill & Chill Father’s Day in a Box 
  • American Summer Red Gingham Plastic Table Cover 
  • American Summer Red Gingham Beverage Napkins 16ct 
  • Red Gingham Chalkboard Yard Stake 
  •  Fresh fruit, such as sliced strawberries 
  •  Blue sports drink Orange juice 
  •  Marshmallows 
  •  Skewer sticks 
  •  Chalk 
  •  Dad’s favorite desserts

Set up your table:

Pendant banner reading: Happy Father's Day

Step 1: The Banner

Personalize and assemble the pennant banner. Hang above the table.

Red and white chalkboard sign

Step 2: Chalk It Up to a Good Time! 

Write signs using white chalk. Pro tip: Wet chalk before writing so it shows even more.

A party table with sliced fruit and beverages in clear martini glasses and marshmellows on skewer sticks

Step 3: Prepare your Party Food & Drinks

First, prepare your mocktails. Pour orange juice into stems of Martini glasses and then top off with blue sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade. You can also serve the blue beverage on its own or make a smoothie.

Next, slice fruit and serve in Martini glasses. 

Lastly, make the marshmallow skewers and display in the lively gingham bucket.

Be sure to place the yard stake strategically so Dad knows where he can find everything you planned for his special day.

A chair set up in a backyard with a sign that says: Chill Zone

Step 4: Start Chillin & Grillin! 

Make Dad feel extra special by designating an official “Chill Zone” where he can sit and relax.

Set the table using the plastic gingham tablecover, Grillin’ and Chillin’ sign, and paper fans for decor. 

Serve the food and drinks…and don’t forget to give Dad a huge hug!