Family Costume Ideas

What better way to get into the spirit of Halloween than making it a family affair? Prepare for the big day by browsing through family costume themes like super-family, animated classics, and pop culture icons. Your biggest challenge? Calling dibs on your favorite character before anyone else does! Make it a picture-perfect Halloween by coordinating with the whole gang - Fido included. After all, everything's better when you're together! Shop all Family Costumes for even more ideas.

Think Outside the Box with this Toy Story Family Costume Idea

Open the toy box and let the fun begin in these Toy Story costumes! Choose your favorite toy to bring to life, from Woody and Jessie to Buzz Lightyear and Bo Peep. Don't forget the newest toy on the block, Forky. Life is too short not to play, so giddy up and get to trick-or-treating!

Play dress up as your favorite toys:

Costumes for the Biggest Frozen Fans

Get ready for a Halloween endeavor with the ones you love. These Frozen costumes have a fresh new look with designs from the latest Frozen film. Journey into the unknown dressed in Elsa's sparkling blue dress and Anna's deep purple cloak or recreate the rugged dynamic duo in Sven and Kristoff costumes. Finally, dress your puppy pal as Olaf and let the endless hugs begin! Add wigs and wands for extra fun and fancy flair.

Get in your element:

This Pirate Family Costume Idea is Good as Gold

No need to travel the seven seas, simply trick-or-treat to collect your loot and sail home in no time. This family costume theme is a Halloween classic that never disappoints. Get creative by having kids dress up as a pirate ship, shark, and other sea creatures to complement your pirate costumes. The possibilities arrr endless!

Do Do Do Do Do Do Dress Up as the Baby Shark Family

Press the button to make your little shark sing! Baby, Mommy, Daddy, and even Doggy can swim around as the trendiest frenzy in town. The one-piece costumes make dressing up a breeze and keep you warm throughout the night. Like the song, when you're dressed as this shark family, the other trick-or-treaters won't be able to get you out of their heads!

Dance the night away:

Fly into the Party Looking Like Royalty with this Aladdin Family Costume Idea 

Show everyone an enchanted world when your family arrives as characters from the live-action Aladdin film. Step into the shoes of Agrabah's royal team as Prince Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, or Jasmine's loyal handmaiden, Dalia. Make them wish they were you by showing up as everyone's favorite Genie. For a few extra credit points, get your vocals and dance moves ready to really embody these Aladdin costumes!

Bring the magic to the party:

Transform into the Addams Family in a Snap

Take notes from the iconic macabre family themselves. Embody the unsettling personalities of the Addams Family bunch. Have the kids dress as the mischievous Addams children with Wednesday's dress and braids and Pugsley's black and white striped shirt. Parents can step into the elegant shoes of Morticia and Gomez in a floor-length dress and snazzy striped suit. Addams Family costumes have everything you need for a spooky Halloween!

Show off your family values:

Assemble the Crew for an Avengers Family Costume Idea

Band together to save the world! Choose from fan favorites like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, and more and you'll be an unstoppable force. You bring the candy bags and we'll supply the super suits! If you're up for the challenge, take your group costume to the next level with accessories, weapons, and props to match your Avenger costumes.

Suit up for battle:

Turn Halloween Upside Down with Stranger Things Costumes

Uncover secret hideouts and battle supernatural monsters this Halloween dressed as Erica, Dustin, Steve, and Robin. For families with a few extra members, there's no shortage of stranger characters to choose from. Each outfit is true to the costume design in the Netflix Original and includes the accessories to match. No scientific experiment is too big a feat for this mystery-solving team! Just be on the lookout for the spies in disguise.

Costumes from another dimension:

Have a Super Halloween as The Incredibles

Your crime-fighting family will be ready for battle dressed in these Incredibles costumes. Each iconic red jumpsuit is ready to sprint, stretch, and morph to fit your Halloween adventures. Choose your battle stance and practice posing for the cameras, because these costumes call for a family photo-op. Just make sure everyone keeps their masks on - you don't want to be spotted by Rusty McAllister… again!

Thank Edna for these costumes:

The Force and the Dark Side Collide with this Star Wars Family Costume Idea

Travel to a galaxy far, far away with these Star Wars Costumes! Reenact an epic battle of good versus evil as Luke, Leia, Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper accomplice, and even Yoda. Once everyone is dressed, let the force of Halloween guide you to the houses with all your favorite candy.

Dress up you will:

Capture More Than Just the Crowd Dressed as the Neighborhood Ghostbusters

Spend Halloween hunting down ghosts and ghouls in these Ghostbusters costumes. Prove that you're one of the city's top paranormal investigators by dressing up in an iconic khaki jumpsuit with your proton pack at the ready. Or antagonize the city by dressing up as Slimer or Marshmallow Man and try not to get caught! Either way, it's going to be an action-packed night of fun.

You know who to call:

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