Video: 7 Ways to Make Your Party Food Fabulously Fun!

7 Ways to Make Your Party Food Fabulously Fun!

Parties that impress serve food that looks as incredible as it tastes. This video from our partners at Nifty demonstrates easy to follow steps to dress your party table in upscale style. Transform your party snacks into marvelously-dressed morsels your guests will snap for their Instagram before they pop in their mouths. Find everything you need to shop all tableware at your fingertips below! 

Fancy Food Tip 1: Trendy Dessert Cups 

1. Place a cupcake liner in a clear cup.

2. Fill cups with tasty, bite-size snacks.

3. Toast with your trendy cups to a job well done! 

Fancy Food Tip 2: Chic Serving Trays 

1. Place an aluminum chafing dish inside a wooden box.

2. Print the name of your entree on a label and insert. 

Fancy Food Tip 3: Colorful Candy Melts

1. Dip crispy rice treats and sandwich cookies into Candy Melt and top with sprinkles.

 2. Allow melt to harden and serve! 

Fancy Food Tip 4: Finger Food Kabobs

1. Place bite-size finger foods onto the themed party pick of your choice.

 2. Show off your classy kabobs on a display tray. 

Fancy Food Tip 5: Stylish Food Labels

 1. Using a white chalk marker, print the flavor of your cupcakes or cookies on the chalkboard label pick.

 2. Place paper party picks on some of your baked goods to add stylish variety.

Fancy Food Tip 6: Letterboard Cake 

1. Spread black icing over your plain cake.

 2. Create the letterboard texture using a cake comb from the Letterboard Kit. 

 3. Use the letters and numbers in the kit create a personalized message! 

Fancy Food Tip 7: Use Boxes, Books, & Stands for Height

1. Place boxes and books under a tablecloth to create peaks and valleys.

2. Use cake and cupcake stands to add extra eye-catching variation.

3. Smile with satisfaction at your DIY party planning prowess!

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