40 Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Parties take on a spooky vibe during Halloween, so for a kid-friendly celebration, set the Halloween mood by having fun with fright. Make the holiday more than a day focused on costumes and candy by capturing the spirit of the season with trendy decorations, creative party games and clever food ideas.

You don’t need to go hunting—ahem, “haunting”—too far for inspiration. We punched up Halloween's signature look of orange and black by mixing in other bold colors, and we fused the tell-tale signs of the season with the latest party trends like balloon letters and balloon wall creations. As for Halloween games and food, we’re ready with ideas that are the perfect blend of spook and cute. These ideas and our kid-friendly Halloween party supplies will help you throw an absolutely fab-boo-lous kids' Halloween party that even adults will want to get in on the fun. Want the recipe for a bewitchin’ Halloween class party or a pre trick-or-treat bash at your home? Keep reading: spooky good times ahead!

Kids Halloween Party Activities and Games

Let the spooky games begin! The kids will be full of energy (and sugar) by the time they arrive at your Halloween party, so get them moving with activities and games that are fun for every goblin and ghoul.

Jars filled with colorful Halloween themed slime

Idea 1: Make Themed Halloween Slime

The obsession with slime isn't going away anytime soon. It's time to embrace slime's ooey gooey charm, and this hands-on Halloween activity idea makes it easy to do so. 

We spookified a typical slime recipe with creepy crawly favors like plastic bugs, Halloween confetti and squishy eyeballs, making it the perfect Halloween craft for a pre trick-or-treat bash—or better yet, as the main event for a spooky slime party that you can host any time of the year. Read our Halloween Slime recipe for step-by-step instructions!

Orange balloon decorated to look like a jack-o'-lantern

Idea 2: Pumpkin Balloon DIY Halloween Craft

Turn simple balloons into jack-o'-lantern favors with this easy craft! Will you make yours silly or scary? This fun DIY is great for young kids and make perfect favors for school carnivals or a kid-friendly Halloween party. All it takes are a few party supplies and some creativity, and you’ll be ready to invite guests to pick a candy-filled pumpkin from the patch. Check out our Pumpkin Balloon Favor How-To for the details.

Disney princess decorations

Idea 3: Get Creative with Disney Princess Coloring Sheets 

Let your little one unleash their inner artist with coloring sheets featuring characters from Disney princess movies.

Child with Mickey balloon
Child with Buzz Lightyear costume on

Idea 5: Round Up the Toy Story Crew

Get Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the gang ready for a Halloween adventure. Print out the activity sheets below and let the creativity begin.

Child with Doc Mcstuffins costume on

Idea 6: Doc McStuffins Halloween Coloring Sheets

Help Doc McStuffins get her practice ready for a Halloween party. Just add color!

Child wearing Winnie the Pooh costume

Idea 7: Winnie the Pooh Halloween Coloring Sheets 

Kick off spooky season with Pooh and friends! Download the free printables to get started.


Idea 8: Halloween Photo Booth in a Snap

If there’s anything that’s a must at your Halloween party, it’s a photo booth. Lucky for you, a Nightmare Before Christmas photo backdrop is an easy setup. Just tape the scene setter to the wall and you’re DONE. Hand out the photo booth props as guests enter so they can take a quick group pic or selfie before they partake in the other party festivities.

Halloween Class Favor Bar Idea

Idea 9: Set Up a Favor Bar for Trick-or-Treating Shenanigans

Keep your eyes peeled for silly Halloween favors like giant eyeballs and silly glasses that will make them say jeepers creepers. Fill big colorful tubs, clear containers and trays with goodies and candy, and let them fill up their treat bags!

Halloween Class Pinata Idea

Idea 10: Classic Halloween Games 

Grinning ghosts, playful pumpkins and smiling skulls are all over this take on the classic bend-n-twist game. Turn the party into a Halloween carnival with classic party activities like pin-it games, pinatas and bingo!

Halloween Class Pumpkin Decorating Idea

Idea 11: No-Carve Pumpkin Activity

Move over, Jack. No-carve pumpkin decorating is creative, safe and super fun! Just set out decorating kits with stickers,light-up eyes and unicorn horns and let the kids create a patch of DIY pumpkin pals. Older kids can also carve pumpkins with adult supervision.

Easy Halloween games and activities:

Kids Halloween Treat Ideas

Halloween and sweets go hand in (skeletal) hand, so whip up some adorably themed treats. The kids at your Halloween party will go totally batty! If these aren't enough for your sweet tooth, see all of our Halloween Class Treat Ideas!

monster themed donuts

Idea 12: Monster Donuts

Feed your cravings for colorful Halloween treats with these monster munchies!

donuts decorated like monsters

You'll need: 

  • A box of plain or glazed donuts 
  • Candy melts in terror-ific colors 
  • 3 bowls for the melts 
  • 3 plates for the sprinkles 
  • Matching color sprinkles
  • Vampire teeth
  • Candy eyes 
supplies for decorating donuts

For the candy coating

1.  Melt about 1 cup of candy melt in a small bowl in the microwave at 50% power for 1 minute. Stir and then continue microwaving at 50% power for 30 seconds at a time until completely melted. Repeat for each color. 

2. Add approximately ½ teaspoon to 2 teaspoons of cooking oil (the more you add, the smoother the finish) to the melted Candy Melts and stir. 

3. Dip one doughnut at a time in the Candy Melts and set on parchment paper.

Add Sprinkles and Candy Eyes

1. Before the candy hardens, gently press the candy eyeballs into the donuts. Use both dome-shaped and flat candy eyeballs to give the faces more variety. 

2. Next, insert the plastic  vampire teeth into the centr donut hole. 

3. Wait for melts to harden, then serve!


Idea 13: Candy Buffet Skeleton

Candy takes center stage on the spookiest night of the year, and that’s precisely what it should be doing at your fab-boo-lous kid-friendly Halloween party. Here’s how to make it frightfully fun: on your party food table, lay out a skeleton prop containing a smorgasbord of sweets ready for the taking. For a playful bone-chilling effect, adorn it with creepy confectioneries: think gummy candies in the shape of worms, bugs, eyeballs and brains.

Strawberries decorated like witch faces

Idea 14: Scary Witch Covered Strawberries 

Add a fun and spooky touch to your Halloween party by serving these enchanting candy-coated strawberry witches! Dip fresh strawberries in Vibrant Green Candy Melts® candy to create a treat your party guests will love. Read detailed steps in our Scary Witch Strawberries How-to.


Idea 15: Spooky Cute Cake

It’s clear that candy has the spotlight at Halloween time, but what takes the cake? Well… cake! As a decor and a dessert, cake can step up the spook in a deliciously delightful way. That’s what this Halloween cake idea does best. The chocolate frosting and a simple arrangement of seasonal sweets—candy corn, gummy worms and ghost-shaped marshmallows—make this Halloween cake idea a sweet win.

Kids Halloween Party Decorations

Set the scene for your spooky-not-scary party with these super cute party decoration ideas. Decorate with an epic Halloween balloon arch, spook up your cutlery with an easy DIY project and more! Don't miss our full article on Cute Halloween Decorating Ideas.


Idea 16: Fab-boo-lous Balloon Garland 

It’s not a party unless you have balloons. Airy accents make parties feel a bit more poppin’, and that’s exactly what a balloon garland will do for a kid-friendly Halloween party.

To create this balloon garland, attach different balloon sizes (ranging from 5-inch balloons to 12-inch balloons) to a balloon strip. Branch out from the holiday’s orange-and-black color scheme by adding balloons in bold colors like yellow, teal and purple. Accenting it with foil-shaped balloons like a friendly bat or skeleton also offer a new take on the balloon wall trend. Tape the strip against the wall at a sloping angle to create the arch effect. If you notice some empty spaces, fill in those areas with mini balloons to make the arch feel fuller. See these steps in action with our Build a Spooky Cute Balloon Garland video!

Mason Jar Cutlery Display

Idea 17: You’ll “Eek” With Delight Over This Easy-to-Make Craft!

Using a Mason jar as a cutlery holder is a simple solution for keeping utensils in one place, but for your Halloween dinner, turn it into a creepy-crawly cutlery display with a little DIY eek. Simply stretch webbing around the outside of the jar and then adhere little plastic spider figurines. As guests reach for utensils or straws, they’ll eek with delight as they grab and go!

Jack Skellington sign on table

Idea 18: Simply Spooky Halloween Signs

Don’t have time to go all out for Halloween decorating? Simple signs make it possible for any room to have a quick makeover. A Jack Skellington sign or other Halloween Home Decor will keep your party looking festive and fresh in a flash. 

Entryway Halloween Spider Table Idea

Idea 19: Snatch a Morsel From a Frightfully Fun Entry Table

When little ghosts and ghouls arrive for your Halloween dinner, make sure you’re ready to greet them with an entryway table crawling with fun. A candy bowl in the shape of a spider web is the perfect pairing to a spider decoration that shivers with shimmery tinsel. The little ones can’t resist snatching a morsel from the clutches of this friendly-looking arachnid!

Halloween themed balloon arch over party table

Idea 20: EEK Balloon Arch How To

Learn how to make this boo-tiful wall decoration! Follow our EEK Balloon Arch guide to create a balloon garland that takes flight with a stylish take on fright. You'll need 13" silver letter balloons, a variety of 12" and 5" balloons in Halloween colors, a balloon arch decorating strip, spider webbing, reusable wall hooks and scissors. Check out the guide for our full how-to!

Halloween Party Favors

Long after the last piece of candy is gone, favors from your Halloween party will remain to remind the kids of all the holiday fun! Check out our ideas below, then shop all Halloween party favors!

Candy-Free Halloween Favors Idea

Idea 21: No Tricks, Just Halloween Favor Bags!

Be candy-free! Fill clear bags with favors like colorful spiders, rubber balls, skeletons and pencils. Handwrite a clever message on round stickers, or you can have tags printed out at your Party City store with a fun message like "From me to boo!" (we used the Custom Black Chevron pattern).


Idea 22: Ghoulishly Delightful Pizza

Pizza is hands down the easiest meal to serve hungry kiddos on a busy night. For a kids' Halloween party, invite little guests to turn this quick bite into a boo-tiful work of food art. Set out various toppings so they can create their own pizza, but make sure they save room for the so-called “cherry on top.” Help them use a butter knife to cut out a ghost from a slice of mozzarella, and then the kids can create the eyes and mouth on their little boos with cut up pieces of olives.


Idea 23: Halloween Favor Cups

Need to pump the brakes on the sugar rush? Create a candy-free treat with favor cups, pencils and rings. With these goodies, kids won’t feel that this treat is a trick.

Fun Halloween Food Ideas

Once the kids have worked up an appetite, serve themed Halloween food to keep the creep-factor going. For more recipe ideas, see our Halloween Dinner Ideas.

Halloween Spider Web Hummus Recipe

Idea 24: Trap Your Taste Buds in This Spider-web Hummus!

Don't be scared – this olive spider won't bite! To make this freaky-deaky dip, blend 2 cans of black beans, 3 tsp tahini and garlic, and 1 tsp cumin in a bowl. Pipe on a spider web with tahini or sour cream, then use a knife to cut eight legs from an olive to add to your olive spider in the center. Serve the dip on a matching platter with blue corn chips.

Kid-Friendly Mummy Hot Dog Idea

Idea 25: Mummies in a Blanket!

Everyone loves a little tombs-day snack! Grab a tube of croissant rolls and cut little strips to make the mummy wrappings. Wrap the hot dogs, leaving a little space for mustard eyes, and bake them to get the wrappings crispy. They can hang out in the graveyard with the mustard, relish and ketchup.

Savory Halloween Squid Ink Pasta Recipe

Idea 26: Spooky Squid-Ink Pasta

Serve a Halloween-hued dish everyone will want to sink their teeth into! To make, saute 2 cups of cherry tomatoes and 4 cloves of chopped garlic in a pan with 1/4 cup olive oil until the tomatoes burst and the garlic has turned a golden-orange color. Add in 1 lb of cooked squid-ink pasta and toss to coat. Keep your creepy-yet-savory pasta warm in a chafing dish before serving on skull-covered plates.

Eyeballs Spaghetti Idea

Idea 27: Spook up an Appetite With Silly Spaghetti Faces!

Spaghetti always makes for a quick and delicious dish, but for the spookiest season of the year, up the creep factor by transforming meatballs into “eyeballs.” Simply cut out circles of Colby jack cheese and place a sliced olive on top. It’s really that easy to make a Halloween dish that’s a feast for the “eyes”!

Spider Deviled Eggs Idea

Idea 28: Olive Spider Deviled Eggs 

The menu at your elegant Halloween dinner party should consist of spooky spreads, and we have all the tricks. Consider a popular appetizer like deviled eggs: turn them into treats fitting an eerie elegant gathering with a spider garnish made out of black olives. Looks like cold appetizers can give the chills in more ways than one!

Halloween Party Drinks for Kids

Juice boxes and plastic bottles of soda? Not at your Halloween party. Brew up a few of these fun and easy Halloween drink ideas for kids! See more Halloween Drinks for Kids.


Idea 29: Monster-Eyed Root Beer Float

Quench the thirst of little monsters with a monster-eyed root beer float. We gave the classic dessert beverage a new look fitting for the Halloween season. After combining root beer soda with a scoop of ice cream in a Mason jar, add a dollop of whipped cream topped off with sprinkles and “monster eyes”: two large marshmallows held together with a toothpick and pupils drawn with a black food marker. By now it's ready to get slurped up, but what’s really going to make this drink scary cute is pairing it with a straw that spells out the word “boo.”

Kid-Friendly Multi-Flavored Ice Cube Potion Idea

Idea 30: Use Multi-Colored Ice for a Yucky-Yummy Drink!

To brew, freeze orange soda, limeade, blue and purple sports drinks, and root beer separately to create colored ice cubes. When these are frozen, rim with a lemon wedge or honey and dip in black sprinkles to get a sugar rim. The glasses are ready to be filled with the colored cubes and sparkling water. Arrange them on cobwebs to make the black cups and colors pop!

Kid-Friendly Candy Cobweb Drink Idea

Idea 31: Purple Cobweb Drink

Get the trick to making edible cobwebs with candy melt! Homemade candy webs add a delicious eek to any drink. Using lavender Candy Melts in a decorating bag, draw the outline of a web with six points, connect the points with three lines and add the inner line. Create on wax paper, let cool and bring to the party for a too-cute-to-spook edible web! Straws with a spider ring taped on make these even more amazing!

Halloween Party Themes

Once you choose a color scheme and plate pattern, party planning gets one hundred times easier. We're sharing a few of our faves below, but don't forget to check out all Halloween tableware patterns.


Idea 32: Shaped Plates Make a Spook-tacular Plate Setting

Let your plateware set the scene! The cutout shape of these ghost and pumpkin paper plates make them adorably unique and play up the too-cute-to-spook vibe.

Halloween Dinner for Kids Tablescape

Idea 33: Set a Spread That Pops With Halloween Color!

The spookiest night of the year has become a month-long celebration of fun and fright. So no matter how early or late in the season you’re hosting a Halloween dinner, make sure that it’s brimming with pops of Halloween color. Accomplish this by using polka dot patterned paper plates, napkins, honeycomb pumpkins and a table runner—they seamlessly create a setup that’s cute with spook and easy to clean up.

Boneyard Tableware Idea

Idea 34: Bone-Chilling Plates for a Spine-Tingling Buffet!

Set the table – and the mood – with a spooky skull plate pattern. A bold skull pattern rimmed with gold lets you play with gold accents for the cutlery and the table decor. This crow wants a bit of eyeball squid-ink pasta!

Everyday is Halloween Nightmare Before Christmas Plates

Idea 35: Plate Setting Fitting for the Pumpkin King

Get your party guests thinking “this is Halloween” by serving up a plate setting featuring the Pumpkin King. Mix and match Nightmare Before Christmas themed beverage or lunch napkins, dessert plates and lunch plates to your liking—it’s hard to go wrong when Jack’s got your back. Love this party theme? Keep reading: This Nightmare Before Christmas Party Is Every Fan’s Dream.

Kid-Friendly Halloween Buffet Table Idea

Idea 36: Fly to the Buffet!

Conjure up a magical buffet for the little spooks! Build a table full of goodies that are as festive as the plates. Everyone will love ideas like mummy pizza bites or broomstick cider. Boo cute!

Creepy Halloween Party Ideas

If the kids at your Halloween party are in middle or high school, they may have an appreciation for the creepier parts of Halloween. Gross them out with these freaky ideas!

Prosciutto Hand Halloween Appetizer Idea

Idea 37: Creepy Halloween Hand Appetizer

How gross is this fleshy hand appetizer? Imagine the look on their faces when you serve up this gnarly hand made of cheese and prosciutto! mix together cream cheese with your favorite spreadable cheese, such as garlic and herbs. Then sculpt the dip into the shape of a hand—you can create a “handy” guide by tracing your hand and forearm on wax paper—and lay down strips of prosciutto on top, molding the strips to the shape of the fingers and forearm. Serve with crunchy crackers.

Eyeballs in Drink Idea

Idea 38: Lychee Eyeball Drink Idea

Make a stare down work in your favor! An eyeball garnish—made out of blueberries and peeled lychee fruit—turns any drink into a ghoulish delight perfect for your elegant Halloween dinner party. It's as simple as peeling lychees, which you can buy by the can, and inserting a blueberry in the opening where the lychee seed used to be. Then place a set of eyes on the rim of your glassware with the help of a toothpick.

Asylum Brains for Dinner Idea

Idea 39: Bloody Gelatin Brain

Fresh from the morgue to your table! Amaze your guests with this brainy dessert that doubles as decoration. Fill a plastic brain mold with your favorite gelatin flavor, then pop out a squishy brain complete with cerebral ridges. They'll be in awe of your amazing brain decoration until they realize it's on the menu! Arrange it on the table with a butcher knife prop spattered in "blood" until you're ready to cleave into it.


Idea 40: Evil Scientist Slime

Easiest Halloween decoration ever: take jars, add slime and creepy crawlies. Eyeballs, skulls, snakes, body parts and spiders are just the beginning. Create a DIY label to let passerby know what's going on in your laboratory, or let them peek in and decipher the contents for themselves.

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