7 Easy Baking Recipes & Ideas For Kids

Looking for ways to keep the kids busy while at home? We've got 7 easy baking ideas for kids that will keep them entertained and provide a tasty treat for the whole family. Enjoy our delicious homemade dessert recipes or skip a few steps by sprucing up store-bought desserts, we won't tell! Grab your apron, your little ones, and let the baking begin.

TMNT Pizza Cookies

1. Decorate store-bought cookies or brownies

Sugar cookies are the classic choice for decorating, but brownies and store-bought cookies can make a fun foundation, too. Check out how to make these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pizza Cookies here.

Donut hole pops decorated with icing and sprinkles.

2. Decorate donut holes with frosting, icing, and sprinkles, oh my!

Think beyond the jimmy when you gather your decorations. Small candies like M&Ms and Red Hots are good options, or break up your favorite candy bars into tasty bites. See how we use sprinkles to decorate these donut pops

Bunny Tail Cookies

3. Make adorable Easter bunny cookies

Get an early start on the holiday with these sweet creations.

Breakfast cereal bars.

4. Favorite cereal bars

Mix your favorite colorful and flavorful cereals for a playful surprise in the morning. View the recipe here

Buzz Lightyear Cake

5. Bake a Toy Story cake

Put your favorite movie on in the background and bake a cake for the ultimate movie snack! Read our Buzz Lightyear Cake How To for all the steps to make this adorable (and surprisingly easy) Buzz Lightyear cake. 

Blue plate filled with letter donuts spelling "YAY GRAD"

6. Make donut letters and craft a cute message

Turn some of your family’s favorite phrases into the sweetest motto with donut letters. Click here for the recipe. 

Pineapple & Coconut Cupcakes Recipe

7. Tropical cupcakes

These tropical treats bring a little taste of paradise to your kitchen. Check out our sweet instructions.