Dory Jumbo Cupcake with Candles Idea

Make a special cupcake for the birthday girl!

If you’re looking to wow, bake a whale of a cupcake! Use an easy giant cupcake pan to make the cake and pick out special Dory candles! You can even sprinkle "sand" and create a seamless, edible baking cup using yummy candy melts for a professional look. Check out the how-to below!

Dory Jumbo Cupcake with Candles



  • Giant Cupcake Pan
  • Cake Release spray or flour, shortening, and vegetable oil
  • Icing
  • Pastry bag and 1M Star Tip
  • Candy melts
  • Pastry brush or silicone spatula
  • Graham crackers
  • Corn syrup

1) Bake cupcake halves

Spray your pans with Cake Release, or make your own by mixing equal parts flour, shortening and vegetable oil and brush your pan thoroughly. Pour your favorite flavor of cake batter into each pan and bake according to package or recipe instructions.

2) Remove from pans

Carefully remove your cakes from the pans and let them cool. Wash any remaining cake release and crumbs from your pans and dry well.

3) Melt candy for liner

Melt candy melts and pour half into the bottom of your bottom-half cupcake pan. Using a pastry brush or silicone spatula, coat the sides with the candy melts. Make sure to cover all the nooks and crannies and get rid of any air bubbles. Chill for twenty minutes, then pour the second half in and coat a second layer. Chill again for at least thirty minutes.

4) Pop out liner

Remove the pan from the fridge. Gently tilt the pan and use your fingers to pull out the candy liner. Be very gentle, but remember you can always re-melt the candies and retry if it breaks.

5) Trim cake to fit

Trim the ridges off of your cake so it will fit inside your candy liner. Carefully drop your cake into the liner, and if any hangs over, just trim so the top is flush.

6) Attach top and decorate

Use a dollop of icing to adhere your top and bottom cake halves together. Use a piping bag and a 1M star tip to ice the top of your cupcake, and then place your candles on top.

7) Create "sand"

Crush graham crackers and pile up the crumbs on your cake board or plate to create “sand."

8) Sculpt Dory

Melt 10 oz. Candy Melts following package instructions, then mix in 3 oz. corn syrup. Stir together until smooth, then wrap in plastic wrap and keep on the counter overnight. In the morning, unwrap and use it like clay! If it gets too warm, let it sit until it cools.

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