DIY Clouds Baby Shower Balloon How To

Now here’s a cloud you’d want hanging around at a baby shower! Follow the steps below to make this poppin’ DIY decor.


  • 1package of 12-inch white latex balloons 72 count
  • 1package of 12-inch white pearl latex balloons 72 count
  • 1 balloon pump
  • Scissors
  • 1 roll fishing line

Step 1

Inflate several white and white pearl balloons with a balloon pump.

Step 2

Pair two balloons together and tie their ends to each other. Repeat this step with the rest of the inflated balloons.

Step 3

Take two sets of balloon pairs and attach them to each other with fishing line.

Step 4

As you continue to attach more balloon pairs to the cluster, the DIY balloon cloud will start taking shape.

Step 5

When the DIY balloon cloud reaches the desired size, hang from the ceiling with fishing line. Alternatively, inflate balloons with helium to create a floating cloud for display indoors or outside. For a special touch, add circle dot garlands to the bottom of the cloud.