How to Make DIY Balloon Garlands

Get your party poppin' with balloon decorations your guests will be amazed you created yourself! DIY balloon garlands are popular party decorations that can be used for any and every occasion including birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and more. These decorations make a huge statement and are an easy way to enhance your party space. Whether used as a photo backdrop or as entryway decor, the possibilities for customizing balloon garlands are endless. Since no helium is needed, you can make balloon garlands the day before your event to save time and make day-of party set up a breeze. 

We'll show you two basic balloon garland techniques: latex balloon garlands made with balloon decorating strips and classic party balloons and foil balloon garlands, which are created using fishing line and round balloons. Once you're feeling ready to create, shop all balloons and garland kits to match your party theme.

Green balloon garland decorated with paper flowers

Latex Balloon Garland

Assemble Time: Est. 1 hour 

We know this looks intimidating but trust us, you've got this! With the help of our balloon arch decorating strip you'll be able to create this balloon garland in no time. This clear plastic strip acts as a template for your garland, holding up to 12 latex balloons per foot which makes assembly easy. To make this balloon garland, you'll need 85 latex balloons in a variety of colors. Keep reading for details on how to create your own.

Green balloons and decorating strip on white surface

What you'll need:

    Hands stretching out balloon decorating strip with text "Attach balloons to strip"

    Step 1: Inflate balloons & attach to decorating strip

    The easiest way to create a large garland is to create two smaller garlands and piece them together. Begin by inflating all balloons with air and tying a knot at the end. Measure your decorating strip where you plan to hang the garland to determine how long you want each section: one garland will hang horizontally, the other vertically. 

    Insert knotted ends of balloons into decorating strip holes and gently pull balloon knots through the holes to secure. Alternate balloon sizes and colors as you attach balloons. Leave a portion of balloon strip unused on either end of the garland. 

    Green balloon garland on wall

    Step 2: Hang first garland

    Get a friend to help determine the ideal position for the garland on the wall. Since you left a little extra length of decorating strip on either side of your garland, you can hang the balloon strip directly onto Command hooks using the empty holes. 

    Two green balloon garlands attached to wall

    Step 3: Hang second garland

    Use two more Command hooks to hang your second garland vertically. Make sure the garlands overlap to create the effect that this is a single garland! Cover any holes with additional green balloons using double-sided tape.

    Detail of paper flowers and plastic table cover strips in green and yellow

    Step 4: Add thematic details

    Cut long strips of table cover to achieve the cascading colors on the opposite side of your garland. Top it off with decorations that match your theme: we used these ultra-cute paper flowers for a pop of tropical color! Use double-sided tape or Sticky Tack to attach. If you're making this garland for a different theme, you can use letter balloons to finish your garland.

    Make your own tropical balloon garland:

    Blue and green mylar balloon garland

    Foil Balloon Garland

    Assemble Time: Est. 1 hour 

    We're totally swooning over our new foil balloon garland. This trendy take on the classic balloon decoration really takes your party decorating to new heights! For this balloon garland you'll need 30-40 round foil balloons. Elevate the metallic garland with a phrase balloon and decorations that match your theme. Make your own using the instructions below.  

    Party supplies in package on white surface

    What you'll need:

    Pile of round foil balloons in multiple colors

    Step 1: Inflate balloons

    Inflate 36 round foil balloons with air. You may find you like how your garland looks with a different number of balloons once the garland goes up, but it's always nice to have a few extra to fill in any gaps. Now's the time to invest in an air pump (you'll thank us later)! Choose balloons in shades of blue and green, or any color scheme that matches your party.

    Two round balloons tied together by their ends

    Step 2: Tie ends together

    Tie all of your balloons into pairs by color. These round balloons have long ends, so it's easy to knot two balloons together. 

    Round balloons hanging from wall in garland

    Step 3: Hang your garland

    Thread your sewing needle with fishing line. Don't pre-cut the fishing line—leave it on the spool. Push the needle carefully through the connected pairs of balloons. Continue until all balloons are threaded onto your fishing line. When you're finished, tie off the end. 

    Attach three Command hooks to the wall (these only stick once, so be careful with your placement!), and tie your fishing line to the Command hooks. Bunch your balloons together to create your desired shape.  

    Inflate phrase balloon and attach to the balloon garland using double-sided tape. Accessorize the garland with additional decorations that match your theme.

    Pro tip: Buy extra Command hooks in case you need to relocate or reposition your garland.

    Make your own foil garland:

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