Shine Bright in the New Year with the Iridescent Trend

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We hope you have your dancing shoes ready, because this new party theme is grooving right into the new year with shiny disco vibes. 

The iridescent trend has brought us shimmery, sparkly goodness in everything from makeup to home decor, and we don’t foresee this opalescent obsession slowing down. If you want your New Year's party to look like the inside of a disco ball, keep reading and get ready to boogie. It’s a new year…so shine on!

Tips for toasting: NYE drinks

When the clock strikes midnight, everyone will want to toast to the new year. Make sure the area you designate as your NYE home bar is stocked with cocktail-making essentials, plus some nonalcoholic options. Sparkling cider, anyone?

These black and iridescent cups pair perfectly with your shiny theme, and you can make any drink instantly NYE-ready with a  disco stir stick. Serve super sparkly drinks to celebrate your bright new year!

Make your guests part of the backdrop!

If your favorite color is sparkly, you’re gonna fit right in at this party. Leave out iridescent hats, headbands and glasses for your guests, because New Year’s Eve is no time for subtlety. These accessories would also make perfect props for a disco-themed photo booth.

Make dinner a dance party

You might have guessed our tableware technique for this party: we went for shimmery *everything.* Disco ball plates on a silver tablecloth need a little something extra, so add in pops of pink and purple that call back to the colors in that iridescent shine. As for the menu, we love finger foods (sushi is always a hit!) and small bites that pair with your selection of cocktails.

Groove with Balloons

Fact: balloons are 100% easier to hang than actual disco balls. (Although, for the record, we totally support you going full disco.) 

Ready to officially turn your living room into a dance floor? Fill disco ball balloons with air and attach to your ceiling with strong tape or an adhesive utility hook, using shiny ribbon or monofilament fishing line to control the height. 

Filled with helium, these balloons make great photo props. You could even create balloon bouquets to flank the entrance of your New Year's bash and make a sparkly first impression.

Ready to celebrate the new year with iridescent everything? Boogie on over to shop the entire collection.

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