38 Cute Halloween Decorating Ideas

Set the scene for a frightfully fun Halloween with our cute Halloween decorating ideas! These adora-boo ideas add spooky fun to your home, classroom or kids Halloween party without any of the guts, gore or other scary stuff. Keep it cheery with adorable ghosts and ghoulies, then shop all kid-friendly Halloween decorations!

Cute Indoor Decorations

Whether you're decorating your home, classroom or office for Halloween this year, you've come to the right place! Get inspired to create everything from easy centerpieces to elaborate DIY balloon creations. Some are cute, some are elegant...but scary? Never!


Idea 1: Eek Spider Balloon Wall

When it comes to eye-catching decor, sometimes less is more. That’s what this Halloween decorating idea is all about. It only takes a handful of props—a giant rope web, foil balloon letters spelling “eek!”and foil spider balloons—to create an ensemble that crawls with cuteness.

Halloween Jack Skellington Balloon Centerpiece Idea

Idea 2: Jack Skellington Balloon Centerpiece

Invite the Pumpkin King to pop in at your dessert table! Shake a leg bone and make one yourself with a handful of black balloons (made from two layers of 4 tied together) and a Jack Skellington Orbz balloon that's perfectly round. For extra character, stick on a Jack Skellington top hat and make a DIY bat necktie from poster board. A frighteningly fun Nightmare Before Christmas centerpiece! Shop all Nightmare Before Christmas party supplies.

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Idea 3: Kid-Friendly Halloween Room Décor

Dress up your child's room with kid-friendly Halloween decorations! Let your kids be part of the decorating process by having them choose cute Halloween decorations like the Boo! Ghost sign. An easy tip for decorating your child's space is stick with a color theme. Obviously, you'll want black and orange decorations but you can also add in other colors like green and purple for a vibrant touch.


Friendly Halloween Entry Idea

Idea 4: Easy Standing Halloween Decorations

Treat them to a spook-stastic scene by gathering Halloween favorites like pumpkins, witches, and ghosts to greet guests! A bushel of sparkly pumpkins, a raven and a few boo buddies are a fun and easy way to add some spirit to the entryway. Give your whimsical display just the right amount of spooky with a black cat and spider – frightful and delightful!

Idea 5: Boo-tiful Fan Wall

It’s no secret that letter balloons are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why: a clever quip instantly makes your party photo-worthy. Put your own spin on this trend by layering the balloon letters against other decorations like a paper fan arrangement. Since it is Halloween, add an element of surprise to your balloon wall arrangement like these green googly eyes photo booth props. The young and not-so-young partygoers will love posing with this statement-making backdrop for selfies or group pics.

Here's what you need:

Halloween Jack-o'-Lantern Balloon Centerpiece Idea

Idea 6: Create a Jolly Jack-o’-Lantern Centerpiece!

Set this friendly pumpkin on your treats table to smile at the ghouls and boys! Stack two layers of polka-dot balloons (made with 4 balloons tied together) then top it off with a foil pumpkin balloon that's as round as a pumpkin you'd get from the patch! (Use a balloon stick to keep it secure!) A spray of green and orange ribbons adds the finishing touch to this gourdgeous Halloween centerpiece. If you want to see it broken down step-by-step, check out our Stacked Balloon Centerpiece Tutorial.

Halloween Ghost Balloon Idea

Idea 7: To-DIY-For Details for Your Drink Station!

It's easy to cast a magical spell by adding adora-boo details. Decorate a drink dispenser with pumpkin and bat gel clings and DIY some cute floating ghosts by adding black paper plate dots to white balloons. You can achieve a similar look by drawing on eyes with a thick black marker. Happy hauntings!

Jack Skellington sign on table

Idea 8: Simply Spooky Halloween Signs

Don’t have time to go all out for Halloween decorating? Simple signs make it possible for any room to have a quick makeover. A Jack Skellington sign or other Halloween Home Decor will keep your party looking festive and fresh in a flash. If you want to throw a Nightmare Before Christmas party for Halloween, keep reading: This Nightmare Before Christmas Party Is Every Fan’s Dream!

Friendly Bat Balloon Bouquet Idea

Idea 9: Batty Balloon Centerpiece

We've gone batty for balloons! Make a mini balloon bouquet as a centerpiece that features the happiest vampire bat around! Anchor the bat balloon, paired with two Happy Halloween balloons, to a pumpkin with curling ribbon, and put it at the center of the dinner table. It'll make your party room look like a bat's cave!

Friendly Halloween Tree Window Idea

Idea 10: Create a Cute and Spooky Halloween Mantel

Go out on a limb with a darling Halloween tree! Find a sturdy branch and paint it black, then place it in a glass of candy corn with a few spooky ghost and pumpkin ornaments. Add some batty clings and a hanging pumpkin to the window for the perfect way to show off Halloween spirit to everyone outside! For more mantel decorating ideas, check out our Halloween Mantel Decorating Ideas.

Halloween Balloon and Favor Bucket Idea

Idea 11: Air-Filled Halloween Balloon Centerpiece

Your boo crew will fly over to a cute-n-colorful table brimming with jack o'lantern smiles. Brew up the centerpiece with a trick-or-treat pail, some paper shred, pieces of streamer, treat bags of gumballs, and a sweet pumpkin balloon on top held aloft by a balloon cup - no helium required. Any Halloween-themed balloon will do the trick (or treat)!

Giggling Halloween Friends Idea

Idea 12: Large Standing Characters for the Entryway

Come see the monster munchkins on parade! Make them go "eeek!" for this terribly cute trio of Halloween friends. Everyone will want to sit for a spell with these happy haunters before heading out for treats. With long legs and poseable arms, this gang of ghouls makes a big impression when they're positioned together.


Idea 13: Jack Skellington Balloon Tower

When the occasion calls for it, go big with balloons. A Nightmare Before Christmas party is undoubtedly one of those times. Here’s a balloon decorating idea that will impress without you feeling stressed: a balloon column using Diamondz Orbz and a Jack Skellington Orbz.

Start by inflating four Diamondz balloons with a balloon pump—don’t use helium because you don’t want it to float away! Connect the base of each Diamondz balloon to each other with tape, creating a square opening after they’re connected. Place an air-filled Jack Skellington Orbz balloon in the opening. Continue to build the balloon column until it reaches the desired height. Shop all balloons.

Happy Pumpkin Pal Table Idea

Idea 14: Brew Up an Easy Cauldron Centerpiece

What mischief does this pumpkin have brewing? Pal around with a pumpkin scarecrow and his cauldron of tricks. Create an easy and adorable table decoration with a jack-o'-lantern scarecrow and plastic cauldron. Fill the cauldron with purple shred and a Halloween spray centerpiece for an explosive-looking potion.

Welcoming Witch and Cauldron Idea

Idea 15: Welcome Trick-or-Treaters With a Not-So-Wicked Witch!

Witch way? This smiling spellmaker will show you! Kids will feel at ease when they see this huggably cute witch who's as tall as they are. Place a cauldron nearby with a few cute characters and Halloween signs for a bewitching addition.

Halloween themed balloon arch over party table

Idea 16: EEK Balloon Arch How To

Learn how to make this boo-tiful wall decoration! Follow our EEK Balloon Arch guide to create a balloon garland that takes flight with a stylish take on fright. You'll need 13" silver letter balloons, a variety of 12" and 5" balloons in Halloween colors, a balloon arch decorating strip, spider webbing, reusable wall hooks and scissors. Check out the guide for our full how-to!

Idea 17: Halloween Balloon Garland

It’s not a party unless you have balloons. Airy accents make parties feel a bit more poppin’, and that’s exactly what a balloon garland will do for a kid-friendly Halloween party.

To create this balloon garland, attach different balloon sizes (ranging from 5-inch balloons to 12-inch balloons) to a balloon strip. Branch out from the holiday’s orange-and-black color scheme by adding balloons in bold colors like yellow, teal and purple. Accenting it with Halloween themed balloons like a friendly bat or skeleton also offer a new take on the balloon wall trend. Tape the strip against the wall at a sloping angle to create the arch effect. If you notice some empty spaces, fill in those areas with mini balloons to make the arch feel fuller.

Spooky Lanterns Hearth Idea

Idea 18: Create a Cozy Corner for Friendly Witches!

This idea's your magic spell for style. Enchant little witches and warlocks when they fly by to visit! Use natural wood rounds to brew up an enchanted friendly Halloween scene. Arrange candles and lanterns in the hearth, and nearby create a gathering of pumpkins, witch-themed glowing lanterns and curious rats.

Classy Candelabra Idea

Idea 19: Set Up a Paper Candelabra

Give your house's light fixtures a scare! A paper candelabra works as a quick fix to make your home feel a bit more haunting for an eerie elegant dinner. Set the macabre mood by decorating the candelabra with black gauze, bat cutouts and shimmery accents like orange beads. No need for real candlelight—whether you hang it over the table or by the window, a paper candelabra makes your soiree lit.

Day of the Dead Latin Lady Skeleton Idea

Idea 20: Create an Eye-Catching, Life-Sized Decoration!

This gorgeous señorita is decked out for Dia de los Muertos! She's easy to create using a posable skeleton and a skeleton and flower costume, and behind her hang a black tulle curtain over any nearby windows to carry the colors through the decor. She puts the afterlife into the party!

Day of the Dead Latin Gentleman Skeleton Idea

Idea 21: A Sombrero and Bow-Tie Give This Skeleton a Romantic Look!

Don't forget about the gents! Add a skeleton with Latin spirit by dressing him up in a Day of the Dead señor costume, and put a flower in his teeth. Hang a gauzy chandelier nearby for a little extra spirit. It looks as though he's about to cha-cha over to his lady!

Cute Halloween Mantel Idea

Idea 22: Cute Light Up Marquee Signs

Light up the fun with fright! Decorations for your Halloween dinner should put the spotlight on the Halloween fun. The perfect place to do that is on a fireplace mantel or shelf. Just a handful of spooky cute items, like light-up pumpkin and bat marquees, make the difference in letting the spirit of the season shine!

Ombre Pumpkin Styling Idea

Idea 23: Ombre No-Carve Pumpkin Centerpiece

Elevate the no-carve pumpkin trend in more ways than one! No-carve painted pumpkins are a modern take on Halloween pumpkin decorating, and make for an easy way to give your fall harvest a luxe ombre look. Try your hand at this trend by coating a white pumpkin in washable hair color spray in pink, orange and gold. Show off your no-carve pumpkin masterpiece by creating a display that gives it height—placing it on a black serving charger atop a cake stand does the trick. Then add accents like gray gauze and a black leaf garland for a touch of eerie to the elegance.

Entryway Halloween Spider Table Idea

Idea 24: Snatch a Morsel From a Frightfully Fun Entry Table

When little ghosts and ghouls arrive for your Halloween dinner, make sure you’re ready to greet them with an entryway table crawling with fun. A candy bowl in the shape of a spider web is the perfect pairing to a spider decoration that shivers with shimmery tinsel. The little ones can’t resist snatching a morsel from the clutches of this friendly-looking arachnid!

Spooky Chic Centerpiece Decor

Idea 25: Classy & Cute Gold Decor

When it comes to setting the scene for an elegant Halloween dinner party, less is more. Choose a spooky focal point that comes in a metallic or shimmering finish, like a gold-painted skull, then mix in everyday accents like taper candle holders—they make for an easy way to create height in a centerpiece display. Just like that, Halloween decor goes from kitschy to classy!

Paper bats and paper gold frames over mantel

Idea 26: Picture Perfect Halloween Mantel Idea

When it comes to decorating a Halloween mantel, you can cast a bewitching spell all season long by curating simple decor in a memorable way. Start by draping gray and black gauze over the mantel shelf; it allows for simple decorations, like bat cutouts and photo booth frames, to look both spooky and stylish. To see all the wicked details, check out our Elegant & Batty Halloween Mantel How-To.

Cute Outdoor Halloween Decorations

These simple but adorable outdoor decorating ideas will make your yard scary cute! Your house will look like it was transported into a magical pumpkin patch full of friendly Halloween characters.

Flower Pot Signs Idea

Idea 27: Spooky Yard Stakes 

Even porch plants can get in on the Halloween fun! Add some pumpkin pals to a potted plant for festive cheer in every corner of the yard. These adorable signs with spookerific sayings create an inviting atmosphere while pointing the way to treats.

Undertaker and His Dog Idea

Idea 28: Pose a Funny Skeleton

Yard work never ends – not even for the dead! Tickle their funny bones with skeleton scenes in your front yard. This skeleton chap is hard at work with his bony best friend barking at his heels. Wait 'til you see what he's carting around in his wheelbarrow!

Sugar Skull Balloon Porch Idea

Idea 29: Build Balloon Bouquets as Porch Decor

Skulls everywhere! For another porch look, place a couple of Day of the Dead balloon bouquets and then add skulls to the stairs, the door and the windows – even have them hanging from the rafters! Shop all Day of the Dead party supplies.

Lawn Boo Crew Idea

Idea 30: Decorate the Yard with Halloween Friends!

This crew is delightful – not frightful! A cheerful Halloween scene is as easy as 1-2-eeek with an assortment of skeleton, ghost, witch and jack-o'-lantern lawn decorations. This silly skeleton looks great balancing a couple of his pumpkin pals in each hand while his band of friendly fiends looks on from their pile of pumpkins and hay.

Sally standing prop

Idea 31: Nightmare Before Christmas Standing Props

Jack and Sally are your #relationshipgoals, which makes them the perfect porch props: their presence lets others know what they’re getting into when they enter your home. With Jack and Sally's welcoming faces at your door, your fondness for all things Nightmare Before Christmas won’t be such a shock to visitors.

Jack Skellington Pumpkin Prop

Idea 32: Lit Porch Decorations

Show them what haunts your home—Jack Skellington and his Nightmare Before Christmas friends—by lighting a path with ceramic jack-o’-lanterns in the faces of Jack or Sally. While these decor items look festive on their own, adding a couple of flameless tea lights completes their spooky look and keeps your Halloween looking bright all month long. 

Flying Friends Porch Idea

Idea 33: Add Some Flying Friends to Your Porch Scene!

Offer ghostly greetings to passerby with a couple of ghouls! This whimsical witch and her playful ghost friend are an easy way to add some friendliness to a corner of the porch. The smiling faces and playful patterns are sure to cast a spell on all who walk by. For more porch ideas (cute ANY scary), explore our 18 Halloween Porch Decoration Ideas.

Pumpkin Lights Door Decorating Idea

Idea 34: Light the Way to Candy!

Brighten up the porch with friendly pumpkins so no one is afraid of the dark. Jolly jack-o'-lantern lights around the doorway will light up faces of mini monsters, especially when they see the matching trick-or-treat signs of cheerful pumpkin characters. Shop all Halloween lights!

Welcoming Witch Porch Idea

Idea 35: Friendly Standing Props

Welcome trick-or-treaters with a couple of wacky witches. Kids will love this friendly witch who's as tall as they are! Place her next to friends like a grinning ghost and an upside-down witch in a cauldron of purple goo for a spooky-cute crew ready to greet the kiddos.

Cute Trunk-or-Treat Ideas

Trick out your ride for trunk-or-treat, an activity that puts a spin on the Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating. An organized event usually held in school or church parking lots, trunk-or-treat involves vehicles decorated in creative themes as kids go trick-or-treating from car to car.

Ghost Playground Trunk or Treat Idea

36: Ghost Playground Trunk-or-Treat

It’s time to gather the ghouls and take them for a spin in the parking lot! This trunk-or-treat idea repurposes Halloween yard decorations and small animatronics to make a lively scene. Place the ghoulish decor against a backdrop of purple plastic table cover and hang a scene setter banner on the trunk hatch. Add shimmery pumpkins, candy-filled buckets and bat cutouts—now you have a ghost story that’s frightfully fun!

Jack Skellington Trunk or Treat Idea

Idea 37: Take Your Ride Through Halloween Town

Draw inspiration for a creative trunk-or-treat theme from classic Halloween stories—like the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas! Simplicity is what makes this “nightmare” idea a dream theme for trunk-or-treat: build a setup of tombstones, holiday tinsel and pumpkins around a hanging decoration of Jack Skellington. Add a Santa hat on Jack, and then he’s ready to welcome trick-or-treaters to Halloween Town!

Shimmer and Shine Trunk or Treat Idea

Idea 38: Shimmer and Shine Trunk-or-Treat

Wish you could summon genie magic to come up with a trunk-or-treat theme? Wish granted when you decorate with pastel-colored plastic table covers—using them to create curtain draping and a canopy swag makes your display look like a desert tent. The shimmer and shine comes from the two genie sisters that do it best—Shimmer and Shine—in the form of a centerpiece, scene setter decor and a Mylar balloon. All that’s left is granting the “sweet” wishes of trick-or-treaters! See more Trunk-or-Treat ideas.

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