Clown Makeup Ideas

You'll be the main attraction Halloween night with creepy clown makeup! Use the makeup tutorials below to create your own terrifying twist on Pennywise and a Big Top clown. Check out more of our Halloween Makeup & Face Paint to bring your costumes to life. 

1. Pennywise

If you thought the 2017 IT remake was terrifying, think again! The much anticipated IT Chapter Two movie will take you on a chilling journey with Pennywise and he's scarier than ever. Transform into the horrifying clown this Halloween with @MadeYewLook’s step-by-step tutorial.

2. Scary Clown

Scary Clown Makeup



  • White grease makeup
  • Clown makeup kit
  • Red lipstick
  • Black makeup crayon
  • Setting powder
  • Makeup sponges
Add black eye outline

1) Apply white grease paint 

Using a makeup sponge, apply white grease paint to your face. Follow the pic to see how to "outline" your large clown mouth and space for freakish eyes. Keep dabbing to blend until desired look is achieved.

2) Add black eye outline

With the black color from the spooky clown makeup kit, outline the eye sockets and fade them out. If you add lines from the eyebrows, your clown face will look positively carnEVIL. Be sure to keep the white and black makeup separate to keep the colors pure — purely freaky!

Add red lips and contours

3) Fill in the black 

Cover the rest of the eye socket skin in black, and add more faded detail where desired. Be sure to follow package instructions for applying black near the eyes. You're almost looking freaky enough for the freak show!

4) Add red lips and contours

Use red lipstick to create a creeped-out grin! Accent jawline and chin with black pencil, and draw laugh lines to look extra maniacal! Tip: Use a translucent powder, applied sparingly, to set the makeup.

5) It's time to start the show!

You're just about ready to clown around! Slip on a wig cap and clown wig, so it completely covers the makeup lines, then put on your nose. You're ready to be the freakiest clown this side of the carnEVIL!

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