Chucky Makeup Tutorial

Becoming this toy terror is child’s play

Get all dolled up for Halloween as everyone’s favorite pint-sized protagonist. Check out our tutorial and get ready to scare up the neighborhood with these frightfully fun makeup tips. 

Woman with Chucky makeup

Step 1:

Begin by pulling your hair away from your face. Next use eye shadow on your left eye in red, brown and purple, to create a smoky, bruised look.

Woman with Chucky makeup

Step 2: 

Create bruises on forehead and face using a brush to blend red and brown makeup. Draw outlines for scars on your face.

Woman with Chucky makeup

Step 3: 

Take liquid latex and build a layer around the scars.

Woman with Chucky makeup

Step 4: 

Let the layers of liquid latex dry. Then add more layers more to create the appearance of torn flesh.

Woman with Chucky makeup

Step 5: 

Next, fill in scars and darken eyebrows with red makeup crayon. Add setting powder with a large brush.

Woman with Chucky makeup

Step 6: 

Go in and add black and white crayon lines on scars to give the appearance of stitches. Get creative and have fun. 

Woman with Chucky makeup on and a red wig

Step 7: 

Add a red wig. Style it to complete the look. Now you’re a living doll!

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