Easy Decorating Tips for Gingerbread House Decorating

Create Santa's gingerbread house!

Say hello to Claus's new home! Whether it's with kids or kids-at-heart, making gingerbread houses is classic fun. Skate to the Christmas Retreat Gingerbread House How-To for supplies and decorating inspiration, and place the finished house next to your North Pole marshmallow pops and Santa cookies to set a holiday scene.

Christmas Gingerbread House



  • Pre-Baked Gingerbread House Kit (pre-baked gingerbread pieces, icing mix, decorating bag and tip, mini sugared gum drops, gum drop candy rings, mini flavored candies, cardboard base used)
  • Red and green Sixlets® round candies
  • Licorice gems
  • Cornstarch


  • Food-safe scissors
  • Spatula

1) Assemble house

Prepare icing mix according to package directions. Divide icing in half. Use half for decorating the house and the other half for decorating snow around the house. Assemble house according to package directions.

2) Decorate door

Use icing, disposable decorating bag and tip to outline door and fill in with zigzags. Smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch. Use icing to attach mini flavored candies to sides of door and licorice gems for door awning. For doorknob, cut a licorice gem in half. Use icing to attach half to door. For door window, cut a mini sugared gum drop in half. Use icing to attach to door.

3) Decorate windows

Use icing to fill in zigzag rectangles for one front window and two windows on each side of house. Pat smooth. Use icing to pipe lattice lines on windows and attach licorice gems for shutters. On front window, attach licorice gems for awning and above window. Use icing to pipe icicles on all window sills. Attach gum drop jelly ring to front of house for wreath.

4) Decorate roof

Use icing to pipe zigzags on house corners and outline under eaves. Use spatula and icing to ice roof smooth. Use icing to pipe lattice lines on roof. Position red and green Sixlets® round candies where lattice lines meet. Position mini sugared gum drops on roof peak. Use icing to pipe icicles on eaves.

5) Complete house

Use spatula and icing to ice cardboard base smooth. Use icing to attach red and green Sixlets® for walkway.

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