15 Halloween Graveyard Ideas

Is there anything quite as spooky as a classic Halloween cemetery? We'll show you shriek-worthy inspiration that'll make your graveyard positively chilling. You'll need a crypt's worth of inspiration, a ton of Halloween tombstones and creepy skeleton props to create a wickedly weird resting place. From skeletal rats to hungry hounds to giant spiders roaming the lawn, your yard will be a must-see stop in the neighborhood on Halloween.

Idea 1: Create spooky fog with dry ice or a fogger

You can easily conjure up a Halloween cemetery full of freaky fog and the living dead – indoors or out. Start by covering the floors with strips of black table covers and lay down some mossy green jute. Choose some tombstones and stagger their height by stacking paver stones or books. Add a zombie dude that looks like he just escaped from the grave and add spook by scattering flameless tealights and draping black gauze. Finish off the graveyard display with a bat dangling in front of a gauze-covered window for a truly haunting look. See more on how to set up this graveyard scene. So much for resting in peace!

Idea 2: Add skeleton creatures for a pet cemetery

No bone unburied, even in the afterlife! Place a couple of canine cadavers in the front yard for a freakily funny scene! Pose these pooches near some grave markers for what looks like a hilarious game of fetch gone horribly wrong. Are they fighting over their owner's leg bone?!

Idea 3: Conceal the bodies under tombstones and fresh dirt

Transform your yard into a realistic scene that spooks people to death! (Fortunately for you, you won't have to move the bodies too far.) Choose an array of realistic, bone-chilling tombstones. Make it a truly sinister scene by topping off the graveyard look with freshly shoveled dirt in front of every grave. Keep the dead bodies safe by setting up eerie cemetery fences around the perimeter of your yard. There will be grave consequences for walking by your house this year!

Idea 4: Life-sized skeleton and coffin

Add a humerus detail to your Halloween cemetery with a life-sized skeleton, a rose and a pop-up coffin, and prop them up behind a few rows of tombstones. The empty coffin gives a new meaning to "All Hollows Eve"!

Idea 5: Dress up a tombstone with skulls and an owl!

Someone gave this grave an offering of skulls instead of flowers! Skulls and gauze add extra dimension to the scene while the owl gives a little (after)life.

Idea 6: It's a gathering of creatures!

Design a vignette around this bloody tombstone that the creatures of the night will flock to! Set out a bat, a crow and an owl nearby to make it look like they've been drawn to the area. Hoo-hoo-who died here… again?

Idea 7: Use black gauze to show off your graveyard's specters

Use black gauze to spookify fences, banisters and stairways. Drape black sheer gauze material to add a pleasing haunted effect here, there and everywhere. Use a variety of ghost and reaper props in different sizes to make sure your cemetery's well-inhabited by tormented spirits.

Idea 8: Make skeletons rest in pieces!

Create a frightfully funny scene with a gruesome twosome trying to rise from the grave. Even in death this pile of bones can't catch a break – his skeletal sidekick won't let him up! Scatter a bag of bones among a pile of hay and leaves with a poseable skeleton casually sitting on top. With a couple of tombstones, these bone buddies are ready to haunt the yard.

Idea 9: Unwelcome graveyard guests with a creepy cemetery sign!

They'll think about turning back when they see this vicious vulture atop the "welcome" sign. Place a graveyard stake with a foreboding epitaph inscribed on the front giving a welcome warning to all who enter. They'll feel even more unsettled when they see this sinister-looking vulture leering at them.

Idea 10: Day of the Dead Bicycle Scene

This eerie bicyclist is out for an after-dark bicycle ride with her skeletal pets in tow! Arrange a hanging skeleton prop with an everyday item like a bicycle for a hilariously haunting scene. A bony hell-hound and 'fraidy cat posed in a chase will stir up giggles from everyone who sets their eyes on this freaky (and funny) scene. Don't forget the bloody picket fence for a spookily domestic look!

Idea 11: Grave Grabber Zombie Animatronic

If you’re considering a cemetery theme for your front yard, this animatronic is a can’t-miss. This animated decoration looks like a bloody arm popping out of the ground. Trick-or-treaters will be terrified when the animated striking arm reaches for them! All you need to add are some simple tombstone props behind him to fill out your graveyard, and your scene is ready to scare.

Animate your cemetery scenes:

Idea 12: This ferocious feline followed her prey into death!

They'll shriek with delight for a cat chasing a bony bird up a tombstone instead of a tree! These poseable pets look shockingly sinister when placed in a cemetery with skulls and headstones.

Idea 13: Play on their fears with a monstrous arachnid!

Measuring two and a half feet, this skeletal spider is sure to make the neighbors' skin crawl! Pose the long, jointed legs of this larger-than-life spider around a grave or near a fence for a nightmare-inducing decoration that'll make visitors shriek with fright!

Idea 14: Tired of cheese, these rats want blood!

Make onlookers squeal with fright with a horde of blood-thirsty vermin having a feast. Arrange a horde of rats to munch on the bloody bones of a skeletal corpse for a truly terrifying scene. With fingers, eyeballs and other body parts scattered around the remains, add some horrific details like mice escaping through the skeleton's mouth and ribs for even more creepiness – eww!

Skeleton prop posed as gravedigger

Idea 15: Pose skeletons to do the digging

Your cemetery needs a gravedigger on staff, and we've dug up the perfect candidate! Position a garden hook through a poseable skeleton prop's rib cage to make it stand upright. Clear fishing line (also called Monofilament) or wire can be used to reinforce poses and attach the handle of a shovel to its hands.

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