Celestial Witch Makeup Tutorial

Cast your spell as a beautiful enchantress

Thanks to the simple tutorial, the stars have aligned perfectly for you to become a beautiful celestial witch. Go forth and harness the power of the celestial bodies (and a makeup kit) and make this Halloween your most cosmic one ever. 

Woman with foundation on

Step 1:

Begin by pulling your hair back away from your face. Next use the Flesh Tone palette to create your foundation.

Woman with glitter on her cheek

Step 2: 

Apply gold lipstick to your lips. Ad bronzer to your face for a healthy glow, apply gold eyeshadow and then sprinkle (apply) some colorful face gems around the top of your eyes and on your right cheek bone.

Woman with glitter under her eyes

Step 3: 

Next apply black liquid eyeliner to bring out your eyes and Gold Bejeweled eyelashes for that bewitching touch.

Woman with glitter makeup on her face

Step 4: 

Add a touch of glitter jewels to the left side of your face to balance out your look and Alacazam! You’re ready to cast your spell!

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