Cars Cheese & Pepper Crackers How To

Make a pit stop for cheese & crackers!

Crackers, cheese and bell peppers are a speedy way to make savory snacks! Race over to our Cars Cheese & Pepper Crackers How-To below for tips on assembling these tasty bites faster than Lightning McQueen — ka-chow!

Cars Cheese & Pepper Crackers



  • Red, yellow and green peppers
  • American cheese slices
  • Favorite rectangular crackers


  • Knife
  • Round Double Cut-Outs (size "F" used)

1) Cut peppers

Use knife to cut red, yellow and green peppers in half. Remove seeds. Use straight side of round cut-out "F" to cut one red, yellow and green pepper for each snack.

2) Assemble snacks

Use knife to cut cheese 1/8 in. smaller than rectangular cracker on all sides. Position cheese on cracker. Position red, yellow and green pepper circles on cheese. Ready, set — chow down!

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