Bloody Basement Haunted House Idea

Terrorize with a twisted bloody scene

Put together a gory and gruesome basement display that will give visitors a bone-afide scare! Dangle severed hands, feet and heads by cuffs and chains to make the room look like a torture chamber and drip some fake blood on the ligaments for realism. A trash bin full of bloody bones and skeletons covered in blood-spattered plastic wrap will show that other victims didn’t make it out of the basement either! We created blood-spattered walls by smearing fake blood on clear plastic table cover that comes by the roll. Be sure to wear gloves – you wouldn’t want to be linked to this crime!

Bloody Basement How To



  • Clear plastic
  • Fake blood
  • Foot with chain
  • Hanging head, barbed wire
  • Chains, severed hand
  • Skeleton
  • Garbage can, bag
  • Skull and bones
  • Jute
Skeleton body bag

1) Skeleton body bag

Lay the skeleton next to the garbage can full of bones. Drip the plastic cover with fake blood, trim it to your liking, and use it to cover the skeleton and drape it along the walls.

Gory garbage can

2) Gory garbage can

Fill the garbage can with any filler of your choice (crumpled newspaper, garbage bags) to create a surface to display the bones. Afterwards you can drip some fake blood on the bones for additional gory effect.

Bloody zombie head

3) Bloody zombie head

Use extra barbed wire and gauze to customize your dreadful decorations. This will really get into their heads!

Hang body parts

4) Hang body parts

Tape dangling parts to the ceiling. We tied severed hands onto loose chains with gauze and mixed them in with feet that come on a chain.

Bloody 'em up

5) Bloody 'em up

Drizzle more fake blood. Hang green jute to conceal the ceiling.

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