Batman Dinner Party

by Jessica Roe
Batman Dinner Party Main Image

We recently celebrated my oldest son’s birthday. He’s a gifted artist, and he loves Batman. Since we can’t celebrate with a ton of people, we decided to host a small family Batman Dinner Party for him. I ordered signature pieces from his six favorite Batman characters, as well as a fun Bat Signal style projector light, giant yellow balloons, and table decor from Party City.

Batman mask on dinner plate
Robin mask on dinner plate
Joker items on dinner plate

On the big day, I set the table with a simple black tablecloth, a Halloween candelabra I’ve had for years, a champagne bucket filled with tiny black Halloween ornaments and sparkling cider, and red and yellow candies in glass jars. Then, I placed a gold charger, white plate, gold napkin, and cut crystal glasses at each place setting. Next, each plate was topped with a character’s mask or personal effects. Finally, I added a menu card and a custom made character cookie at each place setting.

Catwoman mask on dinner plate
Harley Quinn mask on dinner plate
Penguin items on dinner plate

This was a perfect way to celebrate my son’s 20th birthday with a grown up twist on a typical Batman themed party!

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