Apple Cupcakes Treat Idea How To

Tasty garnishes make these cupcakes the apple of your eye

Ripe for the finger-lickin’ picking, apple-shaped cupcakes make for bushels of fun! Gather red icing, pretzels and green gummy treats to transform your favorite cupcake mix into a sweet fall dessert. Primp these apples for the taking by placing them on a cake stand, and add foliage and burlap decorating accents for an irresistible look that will be hard to keep anyone away.

Apple Cupcakes Treat Idea How To



  • 1 box favorite cupcake mix
  • 1 bag red icing
  • 12 pretzel sticks (for the stem)
  • 12 pieces of green fruit slices gummies (for the leaf garnish)


  • Red baking cups
  • Muffin tin
  • Small amount of tinfoil

1) Create slight dent in baking cup

After placing red baking cups in the muffin pan, roll several dime-shaped balls of foil. Place one foil ball between the side edge of the baking cup and the muffin pan. This creates a slight dent at the top of the baking cup. Repeat for all baking cups in the muffin pan.

2) Fill baking cups with cupcake batter

Fill each baking cups halfway with cupcake batter. Bake cupcakes according to package directions.

3) Decorate with icing and garnishes

Spread red icing on each of the cooled cupcakes. Create the stem of the apple by placing a pretzel stick at the dent of the cupcake (which was created by the foil ball placed between the baking cup and the muffin pan). Put a green fruit slice gummy candy next to the pretzel, creating a leaf garnish. Repeat for each cupcake.

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