9 Mother's Day Balloon Ideas

It’s our favorite day to celebrate mom, and nothing says celebration more than beautiful, shiny balloons! A dozen balloon hearts will make her feel extra special and show how much you love and appreciate her. Balloons are an unexpected gift that spreads a lot of love; plus, they are more affordable and longer lasting than flowers. We’ve rounded up nine Mother’s Day ideas that use balloons as a unique gift or to enhance the day’s festivities. Don't forget the helium tank so you can easily fill balloons that will set Mom's balloons-and her heart- afloat! Check them out and then shop your favorite balloons here.

Dog with heart balloon bouquet.

1. To Mom from Her Fur Babies

Balloons are fun fur every Mom! Have your four-legged children get in on the love by lending a helping paw. Tuck the ribbons of a lightweight bunch into their collars. Mom will be so happy to receive a balloon bouquet and lots of slobbery kisses.

Balloons with bar cart.

2. Set Up a Mom-osa Bar

Start off Mom’s special day with some bubbly! Give her a break to relax with friends at a mom-osa happy hour. A DIY mimosa bar is an easy yet impressive refreshment option. Arrange a few juices and fruit garnishes so that guests can mix and match their favorite flavors while they catch up.

Table with balloon centerpiece.

3. Enhance a Floral Arrangement

Mom loves to be surprised with her favorite flowers. This year, turn that dozen into two for double the wow factor when you pair flowers with a bouquet of balloons.

Heart balloons with notes tied on the end.

4. Tell Mom Why You Love Her

How much do you love Mom? Let her count the ways! Write little notes of your favorite things about her, from her laugh to the thoughtful gestures she thinks you don’t notice to all the ways she keeps your family going. The kids can join in for a few, too! Tie a note to each balloon ribbon and watch your love soar.

Family having breakfast in bed with balloon bouquet.

5. Surprise Her with Breakfast in Bed

It’s the sweet breakfast that Mom looks forward to every year. Add a twist to your tradition with a balloon bouquet. Have your child present the balloons to Mom while you carry in the breakfast tray. Time for the whole family to pile in for extra cuddles!

Family having picnic with balloon bouquet.

6. Add Pizzazz to a Picnic

Make your Mother’s Day picnic a party! Whether you set up a gourmet dinner in the backyard or carry an elaborate basket of snacks to the park, a bunch of balloons sets a festive tone.

Children writing notes to mom on heart balloons.

7. Write Messages from the Heart

Here’s a Mother’s Day craft that gets the kids involved! Instead of traditional handmade cards, have them write cute messages and decorate each balloon with brightly colored markers. Mom will smile every time she sees their sweet artwork.

Balloons used to decorate table. Tied to back of chairs and centerpieces.

8. Decorate for a Mother's Day Brunch

There are so many Moms and mother figures in our lives to celebrate. Grandma, the neighbor who loves to babysit, the aunt who spoils your kids—invite them all for brunch to show your appreciation. Tie a balloon to every chair for an easy decoration that doubles as a party favor.

Balloons tied to gift bag handles.

9. Tie Balloons to a Gift

Wrangling wrapping paper not your strong suit? Mom will be completely wowed when you tie balloons to a gift bag or loop the ribbons around a box. Now that puts the Mother’s Day “present” in “presentation!”