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Find the best outdoor and indoor Halloween decorations for your home or yard. Our Halloween décor includes plenty of options to suit every taste.

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All the Halloween Stuff You Need to Create an Amazing Display for Halloween

It's that time of year: Halloween decorations are going up all over the neighborhood, and no self-respecting homeowner wants to be outdone! Skeleton decorations are planted in garden plots, light-up zombie graveyard decorations are staked into the ground, and creepy Halloween tombstone decorations are carefully arranged along walkways to greet the party guests.

Do you lean towards gruesome, spooky, and scary Halloween decorations, or do you favor cute Halloween decorations for a more family-friendly approach? Does your preference in Halloween decorations lie somewhere in between — just a little bit scary, but not enough to give small children nightmares?

At Party City, there's something for every budget and taste: deluxe animated Halloween décor that greets unsuspecting trick-or-treaters with flailing limbs and terrifying wails, kid-friendly ghost lights, LED jack-o-lanterns, and some completely off-the-wall Halloween decorations that may have you alternately laughing hysterically of jumping with fright.

Here are just a few of the categories you'll want to browse and shop: 

Scary Creatures & Halloween Props

The grimmer, the better! Nothing screams "Halloween" quite like scary creatures dangling from tree limbs and rafters, or animated Halloween decor poised to startle trick-or-treaters and party guests. Strategically placed, things like hanging Halloween witch decorations and motion sensor animated props can quickly transform an ordinary haunted house or graveyard scene into something truly extraordinary, worthy of comments, admiration, and imitation.  

Halloween Tombstones & Cemetery Decorations

Create your own creepy graveyard scene with our Halloween tombstones and outdoor cemetery decorations. These all-weather outdoor Halloween decorations are great for indoor use as well. Here you'll find all the cemetery decorations you need: gothic fencing, dense foam tombstones "weathered" to look like the real things, light-up lawn skeletons, plastic chains with shackles, and "keep out" warning signs.

Halloween Skeleton Decorations

Halloween decorations to die for! No graveyard scene is complete without the hanging Halloween skeletons, realistic human skulls, and skull-encrusted gothic fences that send shivers up the spines of guests who dare to pass by. Here, you'll find anything and everything to do with Halloween skeletons and Halloween skulls: Life size skeleton props, animated skeleton props that play instruments for the dance of the dead, glow in the dark and light up lawn skeletons, and skulls that glow, talk, or simply serve cupcakes at the buffet. 

Haunted House Decorations

Find anything and everything you need to transform your party space into a place of spine-tingling terror: all sorts of haunted house decor, ghost Halloween decorations and all kinds of truly horrifying props. There are so many ways you can spin your Halloween house — with just a few accessories, odds and ends, and seasonal supplies, your Gothic mansion can take on virtually any flavor or theme.

Halloween Spiders & Spider Webs

Here you'll find all sorts of Halloween spiders and spider webs, from giant spiders with posable legs to glitter-encrusted spider string lights, kid-friendly spider decorations for the party, and stretch spider webs for the bushes or chandelier. These haunting Halloween room decorations are a fast, easy and fun way to transform any space inside your home or out!

Black Lights & Strobe Lights

No haunted house is Halloween party-ready without the disorienting flash of strobe lights, or the ominous glow of black lights that make fluorescent blood splatters seem to leap from the walls. These quintessential Halloween supplies can also be used for other occasions – you’ll be ready for a party no matter what!

Halloween Wall & Window Decorations

There's no faster and more affordable way to transform your Halloween haunt than with room decorations. Wall, window, and hanging Halloween decorations are light enough to hang with tape or tacks, yet they easily fill a party space with color, a fascinating mix of textures, and visual weight. From kid-friendly pumpkin lanterns and fan garlands to six-foot long banners and creepy clown swirls, you'll find them all here.