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Create fun, friendly displays with our Halloween balloon collection. Featuring fun & scary balloons like ghosts & pumpkins as well as balloon decorations like arches & garlands.

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More Halloween Balloons

Foil & Latex Halloween Balloons, Pumpkin & Ghost Balloons for a High-Flying Party Display 

From cute to creepy, Party City offers Halloween balloons in all sizes, materials, and shapes. Browse a selection of foil ghosts and monsters, smiling jack-o'-lanterns and kid-friendly spiders and bats; find latex balloons with bloody hand prints and menacing skull faces; save time and money with a balloon bouquet where everything matches — just inflate and tie.

For all these "spirited" Halloween balloons, we have the accessories and supplies to bring them to life — helium tank kits for parties, color-matched balloon weights, and balloon lights for latex and translucent balloons to make them glow eerily at night.

Most foil balloons you purchase at Party City, either online on in the store, can be filled with helium free of charge at the counter of any Party City store with a supply of helium. Latex balloons can likewise be filled for a small fee.

Here are just Halloween balloon favorites:

Foil Ghost & Monster Balloons: These foil balloons are printed on both sides with bright Halloween colors and kid-friendly designs. They're strong, refillable, and reusable, almost like beach balls, and they stay inflated with helium for days or weeks on end. You can even deflate them, fold them down, and store them at the end of the season!

Foil Pumpkin & Jack-o'-Lantern Balloons: So much easier than carving, no mess and no fuss, and always perfectly formed! These Halloween favorites are perfect as porch, party, classroom, or office decorations. Fill them with helium or air, depending on how you plan to present them. If you purchase the foil balloons at Party City, the helium is free!

Foil Orange & Black Halloween Letter & Number Balloons: With balloon letters and numbers, you can spell out any message you like and punctuate it with Halloween-themed mini balloon spiders, bloody hand print gel clings, or with anything else your imagination leads you to.

Halloween Balloon Bouquets: Here, a fancy shaped foil balloon, for example a witch's hat, may be combined with several smaller balloons adding color, volume, and interest to the display. Halloween balloon bouquets are a preferred option for parties because they can be used as table centerpieces, porch and room decorations, and more.

Balloon Wearables: Have you considered accessorizing your costume with an air-filled balloon witch hat, a balloon bat hat, or a balloon ghost topper. Halloween balloon hats offer an alternative to more expensive costume accessories, and they attract far more attention than the usual Halloween hats. Since they're so light, they're also very comfortable – almost like wearing at all!