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Become the iconic first Avenger with Party City's selection of Captain America costumes and accessories for kids and teens.

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Captain America Costumes & Costume Ideas

In 1941, Captain America first appeared in a comic series by Timely Comics, a predecessor of Marvel Comics. He stood as a symbol of courage and freedom during World War II, and was even the first Marvel character to appear outside of comic books in a black-and-white serial film in 1944. Cap was Timely's best-loved character until 1950, when superhero obsession waned. Marvel Comics revived the character in the '60s, when Cap awakened from a block of ice to become leader of the Avengers.

In 2011, Marvel released Captain America: The First Avenger, and America once again fell in love with this classic superhero. If you feel ready to take up his shield, become the Star-Spangled Avenger with the help of a Captain America Halloween costume!

Find the perfect Captain America suit from our large variety of adult and child costumes, plus an assortment of cool costume accessories that Cap himself would love. Gear up and take on the Red Skull, Hydra, and anyone else who dares to threaten freedom!

Tiny Avengers, Assemble!

Transform your youngest into a Marvel superhero! Expect adorable photos when your little one suits up in a Captain America costume with built-in muscles. He'll be ready to fight the Red Skull with his mask concealing his secret identity and his tiny vibranium shield.

For an epically cute group costume, the family can go as a whole team of Avengers in child or adult costumes of Black Widow, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Thor. You could also dress up mom as American Dream from Marvel's A-Next series, or break comic universe boundaries and have little Cap face off against Batman or Superman. This aww-some outfit is perfect for a little hero who never gives up!

Patriotic Protector

When your little one gets decked out in a muscled Captain America Halloween costume, he'll feel ready to take on the world!

He can protect the neighborhood as he goes trick-or-treating and keep Halloween night safe from evil-doers. He'll love showing off his new muscles to intimidate any villains that might be lurking nearby! As the leader of the Avengers, it's his sworn duty to inspire courage and loyalty. Plus, it'll be crazy cute to hear him say, "Avengers Assemble!" in his pint-sized superhero costume.

For an extra dose of stars and stripes, add some costume accessories Steve Rogers would love, like a child-sized shield, Captain America gloves, or a Marvel treat bag for Halloween night.

Muscled Captain America Costume

Steve Rogers was just a scrawny boy from New York when he first tried to enlist in the US Army. After failing physical requirements, he was invited to volunteer as the first subject for Operation: Rebirth. After being treated with the Super Soldier Serum, his physiology was altered to the peak of human efficiency.

If you've yet to be given the Super Soldier Serum, try wearing a Captain America suit with built-in muscles to help you pack a punch. This officially licensed Marvel costume shows that you mean business as the Avengers' fearless leader. Hydra won't stand a chance! Make sure to pick out your favorite costume accessories to match, like Captain America's iconic shield.

Wield The Shield

Captain America's been around for more than half a century, and he's seen a few different shield designs since his first appearance in 1941. His original was a kite-shaped heater shield, reminiscent of those carried by medieval knights, but he quickly switched to the iconic round shield in issue 2. Decades later, Marvel comics disclosed the shield is made of vibranium, a rare metal given to him by the father of one-day Avengers member, Black Panther.

If the little superhero in your house wants to be classic Cap this year, make sure to choose a circular shield to finish the iconic look. Captain America uses his shield for more than protection: it's his weapon, too! Help him gear up to fight the good fight.

Super Soldier In Stars And Stripes

This Halloween, help him become the living legend. After 70 years frozen in a block of ice in a state of suspended animation, this lover and protector of liberty pushed through to become leader of the Avengers!

By donning a Captain America Halloween costume, your little one will show he admires Cap's bravery and sense of honor. He'll have a great time posing for pictures with the muscles he gained from the Super Soldier Serum (and this costume's padded shirt). Cap's strength, dignity, and incredible skills in battle have made him one of the world's greatest superheroes. Who wouldn't want to be Cap for at least one Halloween night?

The Sentinel Of Liberty!

Whether you're heading out to Halloween parties as a couple this year, or teaming up with coworkers at the office to win the ever-coveted Best Costume award, superhero is an easy and fun group costume theme. This plus size adult costume would look great in pictures next to Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, or any of the Avengers. If you want to keep them guessing, you can go for a Marvel movie mash-up by pairing Cap with Spider-man, Deadpool, or Daredevil!

The plus size Captain America suit comes with padded muscles to intimidate any villains you might come across on Halloween night, and feels comfortable enough that you can fight the baddies with confidence for as long as it takes!