Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts

Life Size Cardboard Cutouts & Photo Cutouts to Enliven a Room

Gang way for the photo op! No party is complete without these themed life size cutouts, made of heavy corrugated cardboard and finished with glossy, laminated photo-quality print. The cutouts come with a fold-out cardboard foot, so that you can pose them as standalone decorations for your theme party, or as centerpiece characters for your group photos.

They're strong and durable, but also light enough to be mounted on a wall – for this you keep the fold-out foot flat, and use double-sided tape or Sticky Tack as adhesive. And yes, the cutouts truly are life sized: well over six feet tall in some cases – definitely hard to miss, but they can be folded down after the party and stored in a closet or under a bed. Use them indoors or out in sheltered areas – properly cared for, these life size cardboard cutouts will last for the entire transition from childhood through the teens and into the grownup years. Photo cutouts offer an extra twist – cutout faces that you replace with your own, posing behind them to become the instant star of the show!