Couples Halloween Costumes

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  • The Incredibles Couples Costumes
  • Adult Ahoy Katie Pirate & Ahoy Matey Pirate Couples Costumes
  • Pirate Couples Costumes
  • Batgirl & Batman Dark Knight Couples Costumes
  • Adult Supergirl & Superman Couples Costumes
  • Adult Batgirl Dress & Batman Muscle Couples Costumes
  • Adult The Nightmare Before Christmas Couples Costumes
  • Adult Batman & Robin Couples Costumes
  • Adult American Dream & Classic Captain America Couples Costumes
  • Marilyn Monroe & Deluxe Elvis Presley Couples Costumes
  • Renaissance Faire Lady & Medieval Monk Couples Costumes
  • Adult Baywatch Babe & Baywatch Couples Costumes
  • Adult Sexy Spider-Girl Catsuit & Spider-Man Muscle Couples Costumes
  • Ghostbusters & Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume
  • Cheeseburger & Hot Dog Couples Costumes
  • Adult Lassie Lady Pirate & Castaway Captain Pirate Couples Costumes
  • Roaring 20’s Couples Costumes
  • Adult Buzz Lightyear & Woody Couples Costumes Plus Size - Toy Story
  • Flashy Flapper & Mob Boss Couples Costumes
  • Adult Spicy Mustard & Hot Diggity Hot Dog Couples Costumes
  • Adult Classic Ketchup & Hot Diggity Hot Dog Couples Costumes
  • Adult Cookie & Milk Box Couples Costumes
  • Adult Alice in Wonderland & Mad Hatter Couples Costumes - Alice Through the Looking Glass
  • Adult Ninja Couples Costumes
  • $39.99
    Adult Peanut Butter & Jelly Costume Classic
    Review Rating: 4.50
  • Adult American Dream & Captain America Couples Costumes Plus Size
  • Adult Countess Vampiretta Vampire & True Vampire Couples Costumes
  • Adult Mob Wife & Sugar Daddy Pimp Couples Costumes
  • Adult Queen Cleopatra & Augustus Caesar Couples Costumes
  • Adult Zipster Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse One Piece Couples Costumes
  • Adult Hot SWAT & SWAT Officer Couples Costumes
  • Adult Poe Dameron & Rey Couples Costumes - Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens
  • Adult Imperial Empress & Sahara Prince Couples Costumes
  • Plus Size Nightmare Before Christmas Couples Costumes
  • Adult High Sea Sweetheart Pirate & Rebel of the Sea Pirate Couples Costumes
  • Sexy Olive Oyl & Popeye Couples Costumes
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Couples Halloween Costumes — Costumes for Couples, Couples Costume Ideas

Costumes are so-o-o much better in twos! 'Tis the season of good-natured fun best enjoyed with a friend. Nothing turns up the volume for fun and the spirit of togetherness like a couples Halloween costume where you become the gravy to his or her mashed potatoes. Every Popeye costume has its Olive Oyl, every Batman costume comes pre-matched with Batgirl, and even Jabba the Hutt gets a date to the prom with sultry Princess Leia in her skimpy slave bikini. Share the fun with a friend, a sibling, or a spouse — our couples Halloween costumes are perfect for theme parties, couples Halloween outings, or for simply making a statement of Halloween two-getherness. Because everyone loves to dress in character, and nobody wants to be left out, we offer couples Halloween costumes at all price points and in every pairing and style — couples costumes for men only, couples costumes for ladies pairs, maternity costumes for expectant couples, plus size couples Halloween costumes, and of course classic male-female costumes from the movies, the more colorful professions, and from the halls of ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Halloween couples costume ideas are inexhaustible — you can take one of our pairings as a starting point, or browse the Party City site for a custom match unlike anything else! Do you long for the freewheeling 60s? As the hippie couple from Haight, you've got the right, 'do, duds, and attitude! Do you feel the need for speed? As male and female Top Gun pilots, you've entered the danger zone of Helloween wear. At Party City online, we offer an ever-expanding assortment of Halloween costumes for couples, from the classic to the comical, all featuring your favorite characters and themes, all carefully matched so that they look like they truly belong together. And not just couples costumes for male-female twosomes, but also single sex costumes in pairs: Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, Dumb and Dumber, and so on — it all depends on the theme! All costumes are tested for quality and safety; many come fully accessorized, creating an instant character that you can literally step into. Other couples Halloween costumes give you a choice of wigs, belts, shoes, jewelry, and other optional accessories to purchase, so that you can complete your ideas in a way that's uniquely your own. Our online store is backed by over 850 retail locations across the USA and nearly 35 years in the Halloween business. The more you look the more you'll love our prices, our exceptional selection, and our friendly service.