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Halloween Costume Shoes, Shoe Covers & Boots for Well-Accessorized Feet

How important is the right pair of costume shoes? Ask yourself where Dorothy would be without her signature red slippers, or a classic clown without the oversize shoes that make children laugh even before a single joke is delivered. A great Kiss costume requires a great pair of Demon boots, and a memorable witch costume becomes that much better with a pair of witch shoes to mark your place when you melt into a puddle.

At Party City, we offer Halloween shoes, boots, shoe covers, and slippers for just about every character imaginable, from rough marauding pirates to dainty Disney princesses. Every type of shoe for the well-heeled Halloween character, so to speak! For your Halloween look this year and every year, we have you covered from head to toe.

Shoe Accessories: Boot Covers, Shoe Covers, Boot Cuffs & Spats

Is there wiggle room in your budget for a pair of thousand-dollar cowboy boots this Halloween? If not, then you've come to the right place, because with stylish and affordable cowboy and cowgirl boot covers, it's easy to disguise an ordinary pair of street shoes and achieve the look of real boots (almost) — even on a cow hand's salary. Now you're dressed for the hoe-down!

Does your swashbuckling pirate outfit lack credibility because you're still dressed in sneakers, unwilling to purchase a pair of knee-high boots costlier than the costume itself? Now your ship has come in, because with our treasure chest of pirate boot covers and pirate boot cuffs, you get that salty and seasoned buccaneer look at a price that's a steal — even for a bandit.

Shoe covers and boot covers are "fix-it" accessories, allowing you to stretch the budget and transform the very same footwear into pirate boots, clown shoes, witch shoes, furry feet, or even gleaming white cheerleader boots. So if you're new to the wild and wacky world of costumes, how do all these boot covers, shoe covers, and boot cuffs work?

Simple — you slip them over your own shoes — usually a pair of dress shoes, but in some cases even athletic shoes will do — to create a new "face" for your footwear. The boot and shoe covers fit so snugly on top that they look like real boots and shoes, but really, they're just sleeves, held in place by elastic bands and straps underneath. Boot cuffs are even easier to use — these go around your calves, resting atop ordinary boots to give them character flair. 

As for the spats we sell, these function just like the spats of old — protective covers for your shoes of boots that also enhance their appeal. So whatever foot accessories your character requires, walk, stroll, or march down to Party City in your old pair of shoes — a shoe makeover awaits!