Halloween Masks

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    Blue Domino Mask 7 1/2in x 3in Fabric Mask
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    Child Plastic Captain America Mask
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Funny, Creepy, Scary & Animal Halloween Masks for Kids & Adults

A great Halloween character is only a mask away! With hundreds of Halloween masks in the Party City collection, from superhero half masks to hand-painted old man masks finished with character wigs, a complete transformation is as easy as a change of face.

But all the different styles and materials may be puzzling ... if you're new to the mask game, or if you're buying for someone else, which style is right? So here are some tips for curious.

With scary masks, where the whole point is not to be recognized, a full over-the-head design is often the best way to go — total coverage in a Halloween mask that fits over the noggin and covers it front, back, and on top. Many horror masks come with black mesh fabric over the eyes to further conceal your identity; you see out, but your victims can't see in — a truly terrifying effect!

For comfort, a half or three-quarters mask is your best bet; these leave the area under the nose, mouth, and chin unimpeded for breathing and for the all-important Halloween candy and snacks. As a bonus, they often cost less than full over-the-head designs. Whee! — you save, and you get to eat at the Halloween buffet.

At the most basic level, where price is the primary factor, you may want to consider a face mask. Usually made of molded plastic and held in place by elastic band, these are accessories of choice for children, while deluxe face masks for adults tend to sport upgraded materials like heavy fabric, vinyl, or even space age composites.

For realism, latex offers the greatest character detail in a horror, clown, or animal mask, but vinyl is an excellent alternative for people with latex sensitivities — not quite as soft and flexible as latex, but close enough that most folks can't tell the difference. We're pleased as can be when you order online, but you can always head to your nearest Party City location to try on all our Halloween masks before you buy.