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Need Halloween makeup? We’ve got you covered. Explore our selection of Halloween face makeup, costume makeup, creams, & more to complete the perfect costume.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Halloween Makeup Kits, Face Paint & Face Painting Kits to Complete Your Character

A costume is just a costume; a character comes to life only when you begin to apply the face paint that completes the transformation to clown, zombie, vampire, or ghost. Because the face is the focus, these character makeup kits and face painting supplies are what get you especially noticed; done right, the makeup fades into the background while you become the star.

So which type of face paint is best for you? Non-greasy cream makeup is an all-purpose foundation that glides on fast, covers thoroughly, and washes off with soap and water. Use this for broad areas of color: body art at ball games and all-over coverage that serves as the canvas for face painting details applied with a brush.

Grease makeup is professional grade foundation color with a wax base. It won't crack or peel, even with extended use, and is water soluble like cream makeup but is harder to remove, especially from fabric that comes into contact with it. Because of this, we recommend grease makeup only for adults and teens with a steady and, but not for kids and face painting booths at fair.

Halloween makeup kits and stacks are meant to create a particular character – complete face painting kits with makeup trays of color, brushes, sponges, and sometimes even accessories like fangs, dental putty, and false eyelashes. Zombie kits, vampire kits, and pirate kits all have different color palettes and accessories specific to the look.

For larger jobs or for total body coverage, kits can be combined with cream and grease makeup. As for the kids, body jewelry, lip gloss sets, and makeup sticks and stickers require no expertise at all but help a character shine. Use them for spot color, small details, and jobs that children can manage themselves.

All face paint and Halloween makeup are non-toxic and water soluble; most packages come with instructions or basic how-to guides. To learn more about face painting techniques, especially makeup in combination with prosthetics like wounds and scars, please visit the Ideas section of Party City online.