Fashion Color Wigs

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    Orange Bob Wig
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    Glamorous Long Orange Wig
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Wigs in Bright, Pastel, or Neon Colors

When you're serious about a Halloween costume or a character cosplay, you know that wigs are one of the best ways to change your appearance. If you're costuming a character from anime or other cartoons or heroes, you often need a wig in a fashion color – from teal to pink to bright red, green or even multi-colored wigs. How can you dress up as Joy from Inside Out without a blue colored wig, or Amethyst from Steven Universe or Entrapta from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power without long violet locks?

Party City offers fashion wigs in every color of the rainbow, and even bright rainbow colored wigs as well! From short colored bob wigs to brightly colored kinky curls to long flowing ombres in neons, pastels and vivid hues in between, you can find gorgeous fashion wigs for every occasion.

Are you a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race? You can get some of RuPaul's signature colored wig styles so you can glam it up for a Halloween party or a night on the town. Yes, we have her famous Teal the Show wig, as well as the Lavender Bouffantastic and the pink Cotton Candy Coif wigs to make you look fabulous.
A clown is a classic Halloween costume that calls for a colorful wig to pull it off. We have rainbow clown wigs, gravity-defying bright red wigs and more to help you create the happy – or creepy – clown look you want. How about dressing as a creepy doll? We have wigs styled into classic doll ringlets that will make you look like an animated toy. 

Witches are another popular Halloween look that benefits from colorful fashion wigs. We have classic long black wigs that suit witches or vampiresses, but we also have neon colored wigs or ombre styles that blend a bright color with a neutral, like brown or black. Perhaps you want to be a good witch or a mystical elven princess? Check out our pastel multicolored wigs that will have you looking otherworldly and mythical in no time.

Head to a Party City retail outlet to browse the colorful fashion wig collection, or shop online to have one of our bright or pastel wigs shipped directly to you. Make a bold and colorful statement as you step out in your costume, cosplay, or as your fantastic self!