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Sexy Corset Costumes for Women — Corset Tops & Bustiers

More than a corset, less than a costume? There's nothing "less" about these flattering corset costumes except the coverage they provide. They're almost outfits all by themselves, sexy little corset tops to pair with shorts or a mini dress for a striking evening ensemble. Some corset tops are more conventional — classic red or black corsets like those worn by fantasy French maids and burlesque dancers; others are simply cute and flirty, like our Batgirl, Wonder Woman, or leopard print sexy costume corsets.

What makes it a corset "costume" as opposed to a standard corset top or a bustier? Corset costumes are meant to be seen in public — they're flattering but not too revealing; public viewing and public appreciation is the whole point of the exercise. They're essentially form-fitting halter tops with built-in boning, lace up-backs or zippers, and molded bra... finished with character print or wild details like skeleton hands on the cups. Standard corsets usually a solid color and are meant primarily as undergarments, although some work wonderfully well as with tutu and petticoats for certain costume looks.

Bustiers, while offering the same support and form-fitting lines as corsets, are usually skimpier and more risqué — they're designed for the boudoir or for more outrageous Halloween parties — a nice surprise (or potential shock) for anyone within visual range!

So how daring do you want to be? Browse this page for a standard corset, a sexy costume corset, or a tantalizing bustier to finish your look, or shop our body shaper costumes for a complete form-fitting costume with all the accessories.