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    Family Christmas Pajamas for the Ultimate Show of Holiday Togetherness

    It's Christmas morning. The best time to sleep in, right? 

    As much as you'd like to, it's doubtful the kids would allow it, or even the family cat or dog. Chances are you're oh… so… tired, after a long Christmas Eve of preparation, setting out the gifts too large to be wrapped, stuffing the stockings with goodies, and maybe even concocting a few more holiday treats for the day ahead.

    Or maybe you're exhausted from a long journey to rejoin other members of the family, across congested highways, through teeming airports, sometimes negotiating unfamiliar territory and unforeseen adversities.

    Still, sleep is out of the question on the biggest holiday of the year. But hey, you can always dream, and what better way to accomplish that dream, at least in spirit, than by donning Christmas pajamas for the whole family? Kids love them, because they're almost like costumes of favorite winter characters: the Grinch, the Yeti, reindeer, and the like. Adults love them because they're warm and comfortable, and Christmas pajamas spare them the trouble of having to dress for the inevitable photos shoot as presents are opened and holiday joy is shared.

    Themed Christmas pajamas represent the nth degree of family togetherness. Dinners together, annual family vacations, and summer evenings spent watching reruns of a favorite sitcom – all these pale in comparison to the shared bond of a matching set of tacky Christmas PJs. Members of the family can laugh at themselves heartily and enjoy the holiday all the more.

    6 Great Ways to Feature Your Christmas Pajamas

    1. A Christmas letter photo shoot: Most of us would agree that the usual Christmas letter is obnoxious, bordering on the painful. It includes a faded photo of the family, stiffly posed and dressed to the nines, and below that endless paragraphs of long-winded copy touting each family member's accomplishment that year, no matter how minuscule. How much better would be your annual holiday letter if the family posed in matching Christmas pajamas, and the world could see you as you truly are?

    2. A holiday party costume: Nearly all of us attend at least one holiday party, and some of us attend several. Just a few pairs of hilarious Christmas pajamas can kick up the office party, family brunch, and informal holiday gathering a notch or two.

    3. A Christmas pajama photo booth: It almost goes without saying that novelty is the key to any successful Christmas photo booth. It's standard practice to keep reindeer antler headbands, Santa hats, funny eyeglasses, and holiday backdrops on hand, but shared Christmas pajamas can go a long way to strengthen the theme. Since Christmas PJs are essentially one size fits all jumpsuits, sizing for participants shouldn't be an issue. Just have them hop out of the pajamas to be passed along to the next subject of the photo booth.

    4. An all-pajama Christmas brunch: Brunch is just a step removed from breakfast, and this was supposed to be your day to sleep in, right? Prepare yourself and your kin for the nap that follows a heavy holiday meal by attending the brunch in your Christmas best… pajamas, that is.

    5. A pajama-themed Friendsmas: Gather all Grinches, Yetis, and casual Santas around the table! If your invited friends are a long way from home, it's your job to make them as comfortable as possible. And how could they possibly be more comfortable than they'll be in a pair of Christmas PJs, the ultimate comfort wear?

    6. An ultra-informal family get-together: We revisit the scene of the family still attired in pajamas as they gather around the tree to unwrap presents. Now let's take it a little further. What about the visit to Grandma and Grandpa? Or dinner at Uncle Joe's and Aunt Emily's? We love them because they're family, and because they're family, don't they deserve to be as comfortable as can be? Family Christmas pajamas for everyone, we say! There can never be too many of them, just as there can never be too much holiday cheer.