Christmas Drinkware

Serve your festive drinks with Christmas drinkware. Browse decorative holiday cups, tumblers, and other seasonal drinkware.

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Christmas Cups, Tumblers, Glasses & Stemware for Your Holiday Reunion

It's your turn to host the Christmas brunch, a huge annual gathering of family and friends.

Aunt Amanda* is making the traditional fruit salad with marshmallows, Uncle Alex* is bringing the bagels (nothing too fancy now), and various other folks are chipping in with holiday dishes of varying quality.

Your sole responsibility, other than preparing the venue, is the drink service. Coffee? Check. Spiced apple cider? Check, check. Paper plates and napkins? Yep, you have stacks of both left over from last year.

But cups and glasses are a problem. There aren't enough drinking vessels in the house for a crowd of 30-plus, not to mention you're less than thrilled at the prospect of washing 30-plus cups and glasses after a 5-hour marathon of socializing.

That's where the big party packs of Christmas cups, tumblers, and stemware come in: paper Christmas coffee cups for the hot coffee, plastic Christmas tumblers for the cool beverages, and disposable wine glasses for anyone who stays past the brunch for the real celebration that follows.

Essential Holiday Drinkware

  • Paper Christmas coffee cups with lids: White paper cups feature a Christmas-themed decorative layer, which is insulated and lined with ridges to reduce slipping. Included lids prevent spills.
  • Keepsake ceramic coffee cups: C'mon, everybody wants one – a giant holiday survival mug or a 12-ounce mug with a knit red sweater koozie.
  • Plastic Christmas cups & tumblers: These come in 9-ounce, 10-ounce, and 16-ounce sizes, in clear plastic with holiday inscriptions and in solid colors. Available party packs can have counts of 50 or more.
  • Premium plastic cups & tumblers: Premium cups are heavier than standard cups and are finished with gold trim. Choose these for formal table settings.
  • Plastic wine glasses & champagne flutes: For the afterparty, in other words the real party after the brunch, you'll need at least a few wine and champagne glasses. And if you need more than a few, they're also sold in party packs.
  • Personalized Christmas glasses: Yes, you can design your own Christmas glasses, more or less. Personalized glasses allow you to imprint a custom message on the glass itself, either a name or a holiday phrase.
  • Christmas shot glasses: Among the adults, shot glasses filled with high-octane fuel may be the most popular items of all.
  • Paper straws: For the kids and for Christmas cocktails, you'll want a set of straws decorated with holiday patterns. It's better to be prepared than to have to endure the whining that might ensue in the absence of straws. Not the whining of the the kids, mind you, but the adults with the cocktails.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.