Top Women's Halloween Costume Ideas

Red Queen, Mad Hatter and Witch Doctor lead the must-have looks this Halloween! Wouldn't be caught dead in anything but the hottest costume? Be inspired by our trending mix-and-match costume ideas from Alice in Wonderland and Harley Quinn to witch doctor, Jesterina, Day of the Dead, TMNT and jazzy flapper.

Idea 1: Be epic!

You're an American Dream in a sexy superhero outfit! Save the planet in heroic accessories like patterned leggings and an epic t-shirt. Add fingerless gloves, a Peruvian hat and a shield prop for a winning impression. You're ready to save the day!

Idea 2: Be batty!

You'll be all that in the sexiest superhero costume of Halloween! Fly through parties as Batgirl in a sequined bat-wing corset and a black tutu and mask. Make it more epic with thigh high boots and cape.

Idea 3: Be jazzy!

You'll be as bubbly as a glass of champagne as a fringed flapper! Start off your jazzy 1920s look with a fringed gold dress and a little black wig. Add your personal style with accessories like long gloves, a sparkly headband, pearls and fishnets. Now dance 'til dawn!

Idea 4: Be bad to the bone!

Get a bone-a-fide beautiful look from head to toe as a Day of the Dead senorita. Start with a lacy black dress, then spook it up with a skull corset, head veil, flower bouquet and choker. Complete the transformation with Day of the Dead makeup for a to-die-for look that'll have the guys and ghouls turning over in their graves!

Idea 5: Be crazed!

Strut your stuff with your squad in an irresistible Harley Quinn mix-and-match costume look. Wear your crazy love for the Joker on your sleeve with wicked wearables like a Harley Quinn jacket, a pigtail wig and spiked bracelets and choker.

Idea 6: Be freaky!

Tickets please! A mix of circus chic and jester freak, Jesterina accessories make you the star of the big top. Be a creeped-out clown in a mix of accessories like a form-fitting corset, red and black wig, and layered tutu. Add printed Harlequin leggings, a mini clown hat, blood-spattered gloves and clown makeup for a sideshow look that's creepily sexy.

Idea 7: Be madcap!

Have a very merry un-birthday as the madly sexy Mad Hatter! You'll be the tea party hostess with the mostess when you create a unique look starting with a colorful corset and layered tutu. A mini hat headband and fingerless gloves make it a marvelous look that will make them lose their head.

Idea 8: Be queen!

Heads will roll when you become a Red Queen with a touch of gothic glamour. Start with a royal shirt and tutu, then take it over the top with suspenders, printed leggings and a mini crown. Carry your scepter for a fierce Alice in Wonderland look that'll have the guys and ghouls grinning like Cheshire cats!

Idea 9: Be shell shocking!

Give 'em shell shock as a sassy ninja with turtle 'tude! Show off your love of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in turtle-rific printed leggings with attached knee pads and add a t-shirt and hoodie. Then add Raphael glasses, headband and "sais" weapons and you'll be the best-dressed ninja at the party – turtle power!

Idea 10: Be tribal!

This year's hot new costume idea is a spooky Witch Doctor with tribal style. You'll cast a spell with an off-the-shoulder dress and curve-enhancing corset. A feathered turban, rattling skull scepter, fingerless gloves and spooky makeup are the perf finishing touches to your trance-inducing look. A freaky voodoo doll is a must!

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