18 Last Minute Costume Ideas

We know how you feel. Between back to school, sports and extracurricular activities starting, the change in seasons, Halloween pops up before you realize it! You try to stay ahead of costume shopping, but end up scrounging for ideas at the very last minute. Well, you’re not alone. And luckily enough, we got you covered. Here are a few of our go-to ideas. Quick, easy, no fuss, and pretty clever too boot!

Chucky Doll

The term "best friend" takes on a whole new meaning with this Chucky-inspired look. With just a few items, you'll be ready to wreak havoc in a killer Chucky costume that’s sure to have all your friends screaming in terror. Grab a creepy Chucky mask and let the child's play horror begin!



Girl dressed in jeans, shirt, sweater and sneakers
Girl dressed in Chucky mask

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Killer Circus Clowns

The world's scariest clowns are in town and you're one of them! With just a little makeup and some clown accessories, you can create a one-of-a-kind clown costume that will look anything but last minute. Add a dark twist with a bloody knife prop and a sinister smile. Whether you're clownin' around by yourself or with a partner, we've got you covered for your creepy clown transformation.  



Girl dressed in jeans, tank top, and sandals
Girl dressed as a clown.

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Man dressed in jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers
Man dressed as clown

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Ceiling Fan 

Let’s start this out nice and easy. You’re going to be very cool in your CEILING FAN costume!  Corny, sure, but it's undeniably clever and exceedingly simple! And you can add all sorts of bits and pieces to be the ultimate super fan!  Add pom poms, a wig, and some funky fresh attireto give your costume FANtastic appeal.

Holy Guacamole

Avocados are all the rage, but don’t save ‘em for your toast. Give your costume a boost this year with the ultimate in pun-wear. Just pick one of our fresh, delicious, and perfectly ripened avocado costumes, snatch up a pair of our angel wings, and throw the two together for a costume mashup that is delicious AND divine!

Hawaiian Punch 

Say aloha to one of  the best ideas yet! This costume is easy peasy but it really packs a punch! Clever, yes!  But versatile as well. Not only do you have a buzzworthy getup for the night’s festivities, you can use those boxing gloves again move to the next round as a Heavyweight Champ. PIck up a pair of boxing gloves and your favorite luau gear and hit the Halloween scene with a costume that is a real knockout! 

Flock of Flamingos

Did you know a flock of flamingos is called a “flamboyance”? Yasss!  That’s so you. Get the girls together and strut your stuff in an adorable (and super easy) flamingo costume. Fluffy, feathery, pink partywear for all. Preen those feathers and practice that one-legged pose for a selfie that is frameworthy. Squad goals (and a whole lot of pink) for the win!


Strong, statuesque, and maybe just a little bit scary, Medusa was not one to party, I’ll bet. But when in Rome, right?  This costume is a nod to a dominant woman of Greek mythology who had snakes for hair and would turn those who gazed upon her to stone. Practice your steely gaze and suit up in a costume befitting a she-warrior. Medusa, you’re killing it. Literally.

Elf on the Shelf

Because everyone loves a jolly little tattletale! Things are ramping up at the North Pole right about now and the elves are all getting their assignments, but there is one little elf who is here a bit earlier than the rest. See him minding all of the trick or treaters and reporting back to the big man? See him eavesdropping on conversations at the Halloween bash? That elf is you. This is for the Halloweener who really loves to get into character. Pose on the mantle, hanging from the railing, or swinging from the chandelier. Just don’t let anyone touch you and steal your magic!

Clark Kent 

Clark Kent is approachable, he’s bookish, but he’s swole, and we have it on good authority that Lois Lane isn’t just into him for his IQ! Plus, this costume works because you can keep it low key with a pair of pants and some hair gel. He’s dashing and he’s able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Swoonworthy!

Tina & Louise Belcher

This is the ultimate fun couples costume! Love is love and I couldn’t love this idea any more if I tried. The sass of Louise and the monotone Tina give the wearer an opportunity to really ham it up in a little Belcher role-play, and the simple and fuss-free design mean these two gals make dress-up a treat, not a trick.  

Baby Shark 

Doo doo doo doo do do doo!  I am so sorry for that earworm. But family costumes are the best and what could be better than mimicking the characters in that catchy little ditty that we have all heard 9,000,000 times? There are shark costumes for Mommy and Daddy and Baby and everyone in between. You’re singing it right now aren’t you? Yeah. Sorry about that. But check out the costumes because OMG! Doo doo doo doo do do doo!

Spartan Cheerleader

Men, this is one of those costumes that is simple, easy to wear, and if you are prone to belly laughs or back flips, this is the one to beat. A quick primer on YouTube and you have a routine that will wow the masses. Pair this with our pom poms and you are Ready, OK! 

Adult Be My Neighbor 

Make it a special day for fellow trick-or-treaters and neighbors alike. Homage to an icon of goodness, this costume is a sweet reminder of simpler times, but it also allows the wearer to revel in role-play in the land of make believe. 

Bob Ross & His Happy Little Painting 

This is the perfect couples costume, with Boband his finished masterpiece ready to go on display. Bob says “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” There’s nothing wrong with hanging out with a painting all night either, as far as we’re concerned. And if you aren’t part of a pair, that’s ok. Grab a pal and paint the town red.

Where's Waldo & His Pooch 

We’ve never been much on looking for Waldo but if he’s going to have a fuzzy little doppleganger with him, count us in. I can’t say this is a simple last minute getup for your furry friend - he’ll have to speak for himself - but Waldo is iconic and his human costume is easy to wear. Ham it up by hiding in all of your favorite spots or just blending into the crowd. Oh, Waldo! You’re such a scamp!

Inflatable Red Tube Guy 

... Or as we call it, “Used Car Lot Guy”. There are so many things right with this costume and even in its simplicity, it wins Halloween, hands (or tubes) down.

Diver & Octopus 

This costume might be the cutest costume in the history of costumes. Not only does mom get to be comfy, but she gets to tote around her baby octopusin the carrier of her choice. Man oh man, this is a brilliant last minute choice for the mom (or dad) who wants something creative and fun, but low maintenance.


Okay, technically they’re called Jack-o-lantern Pajamas. And they aren’t a costume, per se, but when the festivities have ended and everyone is ready to snuggle down for the evening, what better way to end on a high note. And they’re machine washable so the chocolate on the front and that lollipop that stuck to the seat will come right out! You’re on your own trying to get that bubble gum out of sister’s hair though.

So there you have it. Picks from a costume procrastinator that are perfect in a pinch. You have easy Halloween costumes for everyone in the family. You can run out and grab them today, sure, but if you need a last minute costume, just know that Party City has you covered with options that are creative, original, and easy as can be. Happy Halloweening!