Get the Tricks That Will Make Your Home the Ultimate Haunt

Set a macabre mood with terror-ific haunted mansion decorations! Get spooky inspiration for a ghoulish gathering! Enter a mansion of dreadful decorating ideas… Make it a night of happy haunting with macabre mantels, a spooky secret library and many more ideas with creatures that go bump in the night! Keep reading if you dare.

Idea 1: The witch is in!

Make it a night of happy haunting with freaky flying ghouls waiting to greet visitors at the stairs. Hang skeletal reapers in ghostly robes at varying heights with tattered gauze for the bannister and a creepy cat. The leader of this group of malevolent misfits is a seven-foot witch waiting to cast a spell with her messenger raven perched on her withered hand. Something wicked this way flies!

Idea 2: Impress the spirits with a stack of spellbooks

These boneheads wouldn't be caught dead without a good book! Arrange skulls on and around stacks of aged and weathered novels covered in cobwebs, with a couple lurking crows to keep guests from pawing your precious spell books. Set the mood for a spooky book club – or a seance! – with a vase of black roses and battery-operated candlelight.

Idea 3: A grim gathering place for reapers

Hang these grinning ghouls from the chandelier to keep guests on edge! These graveyard creepers will loom eerily over the party, watching all who pass under. Now that's some creepy mood lighting!

Idea 4: Throw a to-die-for gothic dinner party!

Be the spirit guide to a gathering of skeletons, spooks and things that go bump in the night! Skeletal gents like this one make the atmosphere for your dining room along with candles as mood lighting, a centerpiece of skulls and a dapper dinner guest - he's been waiting a long time for dinner to be served!

Idea 5: Share some conversation with this chilling chap!

Seat a spine-tingling guest on the couch to greet new arrivals to the party! A bowler hat and bloody white rose attached to his ribs give him his funeral-chic party attire. Place a frightening feline companion nearby to tickle the funny bone of onlookers.

Idea 6: Every haunted mansion needs a huuuuuge spider!

Grand-Daddy Long Legs is watching! Make this spider skeleton a web by hanging bloody boards on a window and spreading out cobwebs. For a more bone-chilling look, add a few small spiders around the webs and a rat on the window.

Idea 7: These two are the "life" of the party!

Seat a couple skeletal sweethearts at the table to get the rest of your party ghosts talking. This dearly departed couple is dressed to impress in their "haunt" couture consisting of a top hat and bow tie for the gent, and a hair bow for the lady – they wouldn't be caught alive in anything else!

Idea 8: Dogs, rats and snakes make a fetching vignette

The dog has a bone to pick with the rat! Set up a couple skeletons chewing on a snake beside a knocked-over chair and cobwebs to make the scene look daringly disheveled. Place rats and owls on the fringes, because no haunted house is complete without scavengers - they think it's a hoot!

Idea 9: A disturbing skull pile teeming with rats and snakes!

Make a pile of skulls in a corner and it's the perfect hideout for hairy rats and slithery snakes. Place a sinister black crow perched on the top, and spread cobwebs and bloody boards on the wall behind it for a super-creepy scene!

Idea 10: A macabre mantel to welcome restless spirits!

Give the parlor that unlived-in look with a fireplace mantel decked out in all manner of creepy curiosities. Haunted heirlooms like this "bleeding" candelabra, selection of skulls and frightening fauna like a rat skeleton and raven create an atmosphere of unrest amongst your guests. Show off the family tree with a set of paranormal portraits that aren't always what they seem...

Idea 11: This li'l guy just wants a nibble...

Treat your fraidy cats to a macabre menagerie filled with creep-tastic critters. Make a rotten rat part of the bizarre collection on the mantel. He'll fit right in next to the skulls and other putrid paraphernalia.

Idea 12: Disply fearful forgotten relics

Display a gruesome twosome as the prize collection of this haunted home. Surprise your friends with unusual props like a realistic-looking ram's skull and vulture skeleton. Cover them in cobwebs to make them look like forgotten relics.

Idea 13: Skulls rest (in peace) on the mantel

Create a marvelously macabre mantel with a row of skulls on display. Give the scene an even more sinister atmosphere with a "bloody" candelabra, cobwebs and creep-tastic vintage portraits. A raven peeking out of the shadows will chill your (living) guests to the bone!

Idea 14: What phantoms are lurking in the library?

Visitors will be dying to go in and sit for a spell! Create the illusion of a haunted library with a mansion room roll and a cardboard door frame decoration printed with dusty tomes and eerie artifacts. Arrange a reading chair covered in black gauze with a table of creepy books and knick-knacks. To complete the illusion, hang a spooky scene setter in the next room printed with a spiral staircase and spooky specters who stalk the stacks.

Idea 15: Set up a strange and sinister scene by the staircase

Simple side table or altar for the dead? Fill onlookers with dread using ominous skulls on stacks of books, giant rats, ravens and a vase of black roses. A mysterious portrait will make guests feel uneasy when they walk by – the haunting miss of this 3D decoration looks like she's coming at you!

Idea 16: Dig up a ghoulish garland!

Drag those skeletons out of the closet for a delightfully dreadful decoration! Hang tattered, "moth-eaten" gauze along the mantel, then layer on a realistic-looking metal chain with some shrunken skeletons dangling from the links.

Idea 17: Show off an eerie collection of haunted relics!

The ghostess of the house has eccentric tastes! Show off a bizarre selection of spooky souvenirs with cobwebbed skulls, a candlestick holder oozing with "blood," and a portrait that seems to change everytime you turn around.

Idea 18: Give them shivers with a den of snakes!

Play on their deepest fears with a nest of snakes as part of the decorations. Make your guests shriek with a swarm of squirming snakes among an array of baskets. Place a couple of larger reptiles in the corner like this 5-foot black snake and a venomous-looking cobra that actually strikes at unsuspecting victims as they walk by – they'll be hisss-teric!

Idea 19: Dead but still dashing!

Beware this bony gent – he's got a killer pick-up line! Visitors will love meeting this stylish skeleton on the stairs, complete with cape, bowler hat and adoring fraidy cat. Bring some frightening flair to the walls with stylish caution signs and lenticular portraits that shift from innocent to hair-raising when you walk by.

Idea 20: Show off your killer toy collection!

Have fun scaring the pants off of your friends with a table of haunted playthings. Starting with a web-covered table and a couple of hideous rats and skulls, set a dreadful dolly next to her clown-in-the-box friend. In the eerie light of battery-operated candles, the cracked and creepy faces of these wicked playthings will raise the hairs on your guests' necks. Wait 'til they hear what the dolls have to say...

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