Flaunt Your Haunt With a Shriek-Worthy Pet Cemetery

Raise bony beasts for a chilling pet cemetery! These creepy critters just won't stay buried. For a spooky spin on the traditional graveyard, decorate with skeletal pets and a ton of tombstones to create a wickedly weird resting place. From skeletal rats to hungry hounds to giant spiders roaming the lawn, your yard will be a must-see stop in the neighborhood on Halloween. Keep looking for more shriek-worthy inspiration featuring our beloved bony animal friends.

Idea 1: Dress up this tombstone with a few skulls and an owl!

Someone gave this grave an offering of skulls instead of flowers! Skulls and gauze add extra dimension to the scene while the owl gives a little (after)life.

Idea 2: He rose for a de-coffin-ated party!

Add a humerus detail to your Halloween cemetery with a life-sized skeleton, a rose and a pop-up coffin, and prop them up behind a few rows of tombstones. The empty coffin gives a new meaning to "All Hollows Eve"!

Idea 3: It's a gathering of creatures!

Design a vignette around this bloody tombstone that the creatures of the night will flock to! Set out a bat, a crow and an owl nearby to make it look like they've been drawn to the area. Hoo-hoo-who died here… again?

Idea 4: This ferocious feline followed her prey into death!

They'll shriek with delight for a cat chasing a bony bird up a tombstone instead of a tree! These poseable pets look shockingly sinister when placed in a cemetery with skulls and headstones.

Idea 5: The eternal cat and mouse chase!

This terrible tabby tracked her prey right to their graves! Make a macabre moment in the graveyard with a skeleton kitty and a mini horde of bony vermin.

Idea 6: No bone unburied, even in the afterlife!

Place a couple of canine cadavers in the front yard for a freakily funny scene! Pose these pooches near some grave markers for what looks like a hilarious game of fetch gone horribly wrong. Are they fighting over their owner's leg bone?!

Idea 7: Unwelcome graveyard guests with a creepy cemetery sign!

They'll think about turning back when they see this vicious vulture atop the "welcome" sign. Place a graveyard stake with a foreboding epitaph inscribed on the front giving a welcome warning to all who enter. They'll feel even more unsettled when they see this sinister-looking vulture leering at them.

Idea 8: Play on their fears with a monstrous arachnid!

Measuring two and a half feet, this skeletal spider is sure to make the neighbors' skin crawl! Pose the long, jointed legs of this larger-than-life spider around a grave or near a fence for a nightmare-inducing decoration that'll make visitors shriek with fright!

Idea 9: The vulture caws at midnight!

The creepy mood of your pet cemetery takes flight with a gathering of bare-bones birds. Ruffle the feathers of onlookers with a ghoulish vulture and his skeletal friend lurking among the tombstones. For a surreal mix of the living and the dead, perch a black crow on one of the birds – hilariously horrific!

Idea 10: Tired of cheese, these rats want blood!

Make onlookers squeal with fright with a horde of blood-thirsty vermin having a feast. Arrange a horde of rats to munch on the bloody bones of a skeletal corpse for a truly terrifying scene. With fingers, eyeballs and other body parts scattered around the remains, add some horrific details like mice escaping through the skeleton's mouth and ribs for even more creepiness – eww!

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