Birthday Pinatas

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  • Pull String Little Mermaid Pinata Quick View
    Pull String Little Mermaid Pinata 20in x 16in Pinata
    Review Rating: 5.00
  • Little Mermaid Pinata Kit Quick View
    Little Mermaid Pinata Kit 20in x 16in Pinata
  • Little Mermaid Pinata Kit with Favors Quick View
    Little Mermaid Pinata Kit with Favors 20in x 16in Pinata
  • Little Mermaid Pinata Kit with Candy & Favors Quick View
    Little Mermaid Pinata Kit with Candy & Favors
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Traditional & Pull String Pinatas for Every Party

Nothing says "party" like a birthday pinata. Load the candy, hang the pinata, let them break it open, and watch the mad scramble ensue. Because they get everyone involved in the birthday fun, pinatas are party activities without peer — timeless, affordable, and barrels of laughs, even for tired and jaded adults.

But did you know that that most pinatas work just as well as birthday decorations — colorful and unusual table centerpieces, lightweight props that stand out from the rest of the decor, or hanging decorations that hold up to traffic and abuse? It's true — and this is a big part of the reason why we offer well over a hundred pinatas altogether, even themed pinatas for Easter and graduation.

So which pinata is right for your party? Our pull string pinatas are the safest bet. Designed for younger children, they remove the risk of injury from the game, sparing furniture and guests from unintended blows. Toddlers tug on colored ribbons one by one to release a treasure trove of candy and favors. There's much less mayhem and destruction, and much more opportunity to guide children through the whole process of the game.

For the big kids who've been through it all before and can safely wield a bat, our traditional pinatas are the holy grail of controlled birthday carnage, all within the bounds of organized party fun! Clear a space and let them have at it — the candy treats that spill from the pinata are much less important than the glory of being the #1 batsman t the bash. All Party City pinatas start with a base of light cardboard and papier mache molded in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, from mermaid pinatas to giant donkey pinatas, all finished with bright tissue paper and decals to bring them to life. Below are a just few of the more popular pinatas sold on the Party City site.