White Stretch Spider Web

1oz Polyester Spider Web
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Make your skin crawl with our White Stretch Spider Web! Our synthetic fiber spider web looks just like the real deal and is easy to use. Simply uncoil and stretch over doors, furniture and decorations both indoors and outdoors. Our White Stretch Spider Webs turns your home into a house of horrors. Our pack of white spider web stretches up to 40 square feet! Package contains 1oz White Stretch Spider Web.



I was. The package pictured on this website makes the product appear to have black webs on white. NOT TRUE. This is just a bunch of white fuzz that does not spread very well and doesn't look like a cobweb. Because I was going to spread the white fuzz (with black webs) over a white tablecloth, obviously it won't work and I have wasted $19 after shipping and taxes. All I can do is throw it away. It would cost too much to return.



White Stretch Spider Web

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