Werewolf Facial Hair Kit

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Make a hair raising transformation with our Werewolf Facial Hair Kit! This Werewolf Facial Hair Kit includes brown crepe hair and spirit gum to attach the hair to your skin. Application instructions are included on the back of the package. Our Werewolf Facial Hair Kit is the perfect accessory to complete your werewolf costume.

Intended for adult use only.

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Good, but...


The ware wolf look my husband got with this looked really great, especially when cutting the hair at different lengths to make him look like the monster on the package. We applied the make-up before putting the costume hair on and paired it with some outdoorsy clothes for a wolf-man look, which is really cheap! However, the costume glue that the hair comes with requires a special remover that does not come in the package. This was a little unfortunate, since we didn't notice that until we had it on his face! We were able to get the glue to come off with petroleum jelly and a shower, though.

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Werewolf Facial Hair Kit

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