Unicorn Glow Party Kit

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Looking for birthday ideas? Fairytales can come true and one just did! We’ve mixed the magical worlds of unicorns and glow-in-the-dark goodies to create an enchanting theme for all kinds of fun, such as a sleepover birthday, a free-spirited playdate with a few pals, or quest to find a real unicorn. This kit comes with two really neat balloons on sticks that change colors magically, plus 12 glow stick necklaces and 10 bracelets that will have everyone galloping over the rainbow and through the clouds.
This kit includes:
12 Pink Glow Stick Necklaces (SKU 183900)
2 Illooms Light-Up Unicorn Color-Changing LED Balloon (SKU 779602)
10 Purple Glow Bracelets (SKU 390116)

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