From uplifting outdoor displays to at-home activities, our #TogetherApart ideas help you find creative ways to connect with loved ones and support your community while practicing social distancing.   

Social Distancing Activities & Ideas To Help You Stay Connected

Be #TogetherApart! While it’s important to stay physically isolated during this time, social distancing activities can still help families stay connected while keeping each other safe. If you’re looking for things to do while social distancing, our ideas can help. Our collection of gifts, signs, decorations and other accessories let you send messages of love, hope and solidarity to friends, family, and your community. Create a balloon display to encourage front line workers, or make a custom banner to celebrate your family’s hero. Find fun props for your office’s virtual Happy Hour, or send an Adventure Box to your grandkids to let them know you’re apart, but together. Perfect for parents, families, offices and other groups, our collection of #TogetherApart ideas is a great way to have fun while staying safe and saving lives. Explore our collection of social distancing activities and ideas, then order online to have gifts, toys, accessories and more delivered right to your door. During this time of separation, Party City is happy to help you celebrate family like never before.