Test Tube Fake Blood

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Test your courage by using our Test Tube Fake Blood! Test Tube Fake Blood is fake blood that can be applied to skin or clothing to give a horrific, blood stained effect. Use this fake blood to add realism to simulated cuts, wounds or bites! Test Tube Fake Blood is a water based red liquid that should not come in contact with eye, ears, nose or mouth. Test Tube Fake Blood may stain certain materials - use with caution.

Not for children under 8 years.

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Did its job


The tube contains 22g of product. We used it to add blood stains to clothing for my daughter's costume and the tube contained more than enough product for our project. Because it is water-based, the fake blood looks thin and pink when it dries but my daughter was happy with the results. However, I DO NOT recommend using this on the skin because it left our hands very red! So glad I realized this before I used it on her face. Now we have to find something different to use for her face.



Bloody Good!


This was just the right amount of blood that I needed to make the bath mat I wanted so I didn't have to buy the huge bottle! Worked perfect! Thank you!!

Fort Worth, TX


Test Tube Fake Blood

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