Teen Girls Dark Angel Costume

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You may have fallen but you can still look fashionable in this Dark Angel Costume for teen girls. This twisted Dark Angel Costume features a dress with a top printed with thorny vines and skulls and a skirt made of strips of gray and white lace. Matching angel wings have flowing strips of lace, and black fishnet leggings and gray ribbon glovelettes are also included. A tattered halo headband puts the finishing touch on your fallen angel look.

Teen Girls Dark Angel Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Headband
  • Glovelettes
  • Tights
  • Wings

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A good buy


My daughter really liked the costume. It fit her well if a little loose.


Don't Buy This


This is bad. The halo falls, the costume is too short and very inappropriate and the bottom bulks out. The gloves are too tight and the elastics break easily. It does not appear well on a larger girl, such as myself. I need to wear it tomorrow when I celebrate Halloween. I don't know what to do...



dark angel


this costume was very even came with the fish net stockings! the halo was made so you could take it apart after use. all in all, it was worth the money



GREAT but 1 tiny little problem


it is amazing!!but actually 2 tiny problems,#1.the halo keeps falling forward and i tried to fix it,but then it broke on one side,so i hot glued it and now it is that's good. #2.this is not a big problem but whenever you walk out the door with the wings on,you have to walk out sideways because of the with of a bedroom door.

grand rapids,mi


Halo Broken :(


I love this costume! The dress and wings are good quality, the arm sleeves and the ripped tights are very comfortable (not itchy, annoying), but the only downside is the halo. The actual head band is fine, just the top part with all the ripped fabric. It keeps leaning forward like it is not secure. That is the overall downside, overall a must buy for any dark angel ! ✨✨

Austin, TX



3.4 5