Sock Skull Mask

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Don't forget our Sock Skull Mask when fleshing out your costume! With eerie details like dark shadows and yellow stains, this latex skull sends chills down anyone's spine. When you talk, its jaw moves with yours! It's the best-fitting and most comfortable mask you can wear, thanks to the attached black fabric hood. One size Sock Skull Mask fits most teens and adults. Handmade in the USA.

WARNING: This product contains natural rubber latex and may cause allergic reaction in latex-sensitive individuals.

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Great cold weather gear!


Mask fits well. I have a pretty large head (23.5") but this is not tight or loose. The mask covers the front of your face back to most of the top of head. The sock is heavy duty and gets quite warm quickly. I think I'll buy another just for winter wear! Wish the eyes had a blackout screen installed. The sock is long enough to cover my neck. Very detailed, but i can't reliably make the jaw move. Takes acrylic airbrush paint well for custom looks.


Cool design but terrible when it comes to moving the jaw


Bought this and it was a waste of money, once you put it on it looks cool but you can clearly see your eyes because there is nothing covering them like it would look like in the picture. Its kinda hard to breathe through your mouth with it on. It looks cool on the outside but when I tried to open my mouth it opened very little and i was pretty much saying "Ahhh" as if I was in a doctors office. Overall it looks nice but its definitely not close to $40. It probably just cost that much for the thick sock alone.


Sock Skull Mask

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