7 Pumpkin Carving, Painting & Decorating Ideas

There’s no denying that dressing up is the name of the game during the Halloween season. Don't forget to dress up your pumpkins too! You don't need professional carving tools or advanced skills to turn a pumpkin into a work of art. There are plenty of easy pumpkin ideas you can try. Select a theme for your pumpkin like witch or vampire, then paint and decorate it to add some festive charm. Here are 7 pumpkin decorating ideas to get the ball rolling and some tips and tricks for a successful execution. Shop all Pumpkin Carving Kits and Tools when you're ready to get started!

1. Wicked Witch Pumpkin

Cast a spell on all who dare approach with this witchy pumpkin idea. Turn your pumpkin on its side so the stem acts as a nose. Then it's time to get creative! You can use construction paper, cardstock, and even carve your pumpkin's facial features into any expression you want. Silly, scary, or just plain strange are perfect options for this customizable project. Give your witch a disheveled 'do using green streamers or purple shreds and top it all off with a pointed hat.

All the ingredients for a spellbinding pumpkin:

2. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Pumpkin

Make your Halloween display shine by punching small holes into your pumpkins and threading a single light bulb through each hole. Shapes, faces, or iconic characters - the silhouettes you can create are endless! Use one of the included stencils or free-hand your best design. To give your home a mystical spark, recreate your favorite constellations and watch them twinkle in the moonlight.

Time to get creative:

3. Vampire Pumpkin

Beware of these pearly whites! Mix a little mischief into your Halloween decorations with vampire jack-o'-lanterns. Carve out your desired eye and mouth shapes and then simply screw the light-up fangs in place. Cover the fangs in fake blood for a bit of fright or attach a fog machine to your creation for a misty-rious scene.

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4. Kid-Friendly Pumpkin

Get little boy and ghouls involved in creating their very own pumpkins! With a little help from a crafty adult and these easy-to-use decorations, children can join in on the pumpkin carving tradition. Create a home for a Halloween Pumpkin Ghost Lite by carving a window in your pumpkin for the ghost to peek through and show off its glow. Or, use pumpkin attachments like Light-Up Color Changing Pumpkin Eyeballs and Glow-In-The-Dark Pumpkin Buck Teeth to create a super silly jack-o'-lantern. The Unicorn Pumpkin Decorating Kit even includes everything they need for a magical masterpiece and requires zero carving!

Easy as 123:

5. Light-Up Pumpkin

Light the path for trick-or-treaters with pumpkins that are illuminated with battery-powered pumpkin lights. These LED lights are an alternative to tealight candles that you can feel safe leaving on while you're out trick-or-treating. Simply flip on the switch and place the light inside your jack-o'-lantern to bring it to life.

Classic, colorful, or crazy:

6. Melted Wax Pumpkin

If you're the artsy type, this pumpkin decorating idea is just for you! Pick up a carton of crayons and remove the paper labels so each crayon is bare. Use a hair dryer to heat the wax to its melting point and guide the crayon around the top of the pumpkin, allowing the wax to drip naturally. Let each color cool before moving on to the next and keep layering the wax until you reach your desired design.

7. Pumpkin Accessories 

Last-minute scrambling for a way to decorate? No fear! This last minute trick is here to save the day. Simply dress up your pumpkin with an iconic accessory that needs no further explanation. Adding a black mask, for example, instantly transforms any old gourd into this season's super hero!