Popcorn Bucket Kit

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Display your snacks stylishly while watching the star-spangled spectacle. When your guests come over to celebrate the 4th of July, they'll be starry-eyed when they see the spread you've put out. First, line each tub with a red, white, or blue bandana. Then, fill each tub with your favorite snack. With trendy galvanized tubs, it's easy to showcase popcorn or chips, and then you can display them in your home for after Independence Day! Lastly, insert a scoop into each tub to top off this dynamite display.
This kit includes:
1 Red Bandana (SKU 30842)
1 Blue Bandana (SKU 485731)
3 Silver Plastic Candy Scoop (SKU 497767)
1 White Bandana (SKU 537425)
1 Sweet Kettle Gourmet Popcorn (SKU 773182)
3 Mini Celebrate Summer Galvanized Tub (SKU 779431)